Track Panel Making

Some Photographs of how we build a track panel.

There is a jig on the table which spaces the sleepers out. Then the rail has the clips slid on to it. Then the rails is screwed down in to pre drilled holes in the sleeper, and the fish plates are fixed on to one end.

The gang and on lookers on with there equipment on the track to save walking about.

Three track panels in the pile so far lot more needed for the rest of the job!

This is the rail bender. It job is to roll the rail in to a curve by passing it through 3 rollers

This is the top of the bending rolls. You can just see the 3 rolls which the rail has to pass through, on the right there is a hand wheel this put pressure on the rail.

This is the works truck which has all our bits and tools in or will have one day after we get them all.

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