SEQLEC  23 September 2007  

7 1/4" locomotive Efficiency Competition 

Event Format   What the drivers are trying to do.

The day before the event.

Our works party outing ! 

The Competing Locomotives



         Opening video of the event.

James Duncan GWR 2-8-0-Tank 42XX Class.


John Painter GWR 0-4-2-Tank 14XX Class..

Peter Goodman GWR 2-8-0 38XX Class.

Dennis Mulford Baldwin 2-4-2 Tank L&B  "Lynn"

George Finnemore 0-4-0 Saddle Tank "Romulus"

Video's of each Competing Locomotives at the start of there run.

Click on the floppy disc for there video




                        The Winner John Painter


The Final results page Constructed by P McMillan.

Many thank to Bob Bates for the use of his photographs, he did do a 1 hour ride on the first run !

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