One of Our New Projects

New Track

The new track replacement program is a project we started in October 2005.  Whilst the existing track has some signs of ware, it is in good condition but there was a need to clean the ballast and reset the alignment.  

At the same time there was a desire to have the flexibility to run bigger trains at special events and therefore, it was decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to standard profile rail.  Later it was decided to take the opportunity to extend the existing ground level track around part of the perimeter.   

Before we got to the stage of laying track there was a lot work done on finding the best way to replace the track. We looked at many way of doing the job, but we felt  "its got to look like a proper railway"

After some meetings  our Club decided to use the 4lb a yard (4lb in weight a 3 foot long length)  flat bottom steel EN8 rail, and lay a reasonable length for evaluation. This started a new problem as we are dual gauge 5" & 7 1/4" on the ground.  How do we hold the 5" and the 7 1/4" rails with only a small gap between  the rails? Answer a special rail clip. The single rail clip was not designed by use , but  the 2 rail clip was. We looked at it and decided we could stretch it to accommodate the two rails side by side.  


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