The Passenger Bogie


This is the main set of parts to make the bogie frame, Left to Right.: 2 side frames with frames stiffeners welded on, centre bolster plate, Brake assembly plate, 2 cross beams

 The 2 side frames have 2 spacing jigs fixed in, this keeps all thing square and in place. At the right hand side you can see a cross beam held in place by magnets while the cross beam is welded in, this is all done on the other end.


The brake assembly plate is clamped in place on the bottom, the frame is turned over and the brake assembly plate is welded on to the side frames. The bottom plate came be removed with the 4 bolts this will drop all the brake assembly off for repairs.
The Bolster plate is put in place and tacked welded at each corner, Then the frame is turned on is side and a 2 full length weld is put on the under sides of the plate one to each side frame
Hey presto one bogie frame welded up, 22 needed for this project


As you can see yours truly has been busy with the welded over the last few Sundays mornings.
Yes nearly finished this bit of the job?   


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