The Passenger Body

These bodies are based on some old ones the club have been using, again life is too short to reinvent the wheel every time you do something that works OK.  We did some improvements like add some foot rest for the kiddie winks so they have somewhere for there feet to rest on.

There are 2 steel pressing and 2 buffer end plates with some steel tube which is all welded together. They are welded  by a welding /fabrications  company  and then they go away for powder coating black, in our case. Then they have all the air tube and electrics fitted by Garry and they we all deliver as shown in the photos

As supplied from Garry All on site awaiting  bogies and seats.

An up side down body.   With it on the track with bogies under it. Sorry about the dirt on the truck top.


  This is how we are holding the seat part on to the carriage 2 Stainless steel clips each end and a "R" pin to stop the been unclipped. To the right of the first left hand clip is the air union for the brakes. next is the tow coupling. Then the electrical socket. You can see 2 more square hole below the towing coupling one of these is for 5" gauge locomotive to couple up to these trucks.

This is how it all fit together with a air line pipe and link to tow the next carriage



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