L&NWR Society Visit

27 September 2008

The weather on this occasion did the Society proud; over many years of operation we have been lucky with this phenomenon and frequently experienced excellent conditions at events. The current year has not lived up to this record however on the day it was excellent throughout.

 The turnout of visiting locomotives was up to or even exceeded expectations with twelve running on the two tracks and four on static display. Accent was on the use of the High Level Track with eight running and the remainder on the ground level.

To go into a short history of the London and North Western Railway before going into details of the visitors this was due to the activities of the Grand Junction Railway Company that was operated by a group of far seeing individuals. When originally formed the works were situated at Edge Hill close to Liverpool these individuals thought they saw an opportunity to extend their operation and so, in 1840, moved the works to Crewe in the Cheshire countryside albeit where a railway junction already existed. Then in 1843 they joined forces with the London and Birmingham Railway and the Manchester and Birmingham Railway to form the L&NWR. In later years this became known as the "Premier Line", then continuing as such until a Parliamentary order for re-grouping was made in 1923 when they were absorbed into the London Midland and Scottish Railway.

The above is a short description of what went on to perform this eventuality but full details are not within the scope of this article.




M Wheelwright 5"g              Claughton                650
  5"                Rebuild of a Precursor   1681
J chambers 3 1/2" g        Mabel                      619
C Scott 5" g              Precursor                 2003
R Bell 5" g              Cauliflower              1268 
N Thompson 5" g              Claughton                2222
D Morris 3 1/2" g        Mabel                      822
R Harris 7 1/4" g        Wren                       Wren  
N Dickinson 7 1/4"g         Jumbo                     2158 
E Lummas 3 1/2" g        School                     902 Wellington
R Gomersal 7 1/4" g        OBB                       Class 52
A Gully 5" g               P8                          381182 D
None Running Engines  
  3 1/2" G        Maisie                     1437
  5" g               Supper "D"             1836
10 Mins Video Sorry No Sound 3 1/2" g         0-6-0 tank              Rob Roy

M Wheelwright     5"g  Claughton  


Rebuild of a Precursor in to a  George 5th  Ptarmigan 1681


J chambers    3 1/2" g        Mabel



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C Scott     5" g              Precursor





R Bell       5" g              Cauliflower      

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N Thompson    5" g              Claughton                


5" g               Supper "D"

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D Morris     3 1/2" g        Mabel                    


R Harris     Wren

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N Dickinson        Jumbo

3 1/2" G         Maisie


E Lummas     3 1/2" g        School     Wellington

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R Gomersal        7 1/4" g       OBB                         


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A Gully      5" g              P8


3 1/2" g     Rob Roy     0-6-0 tank

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