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There is a estimated 4722 BM of video, OR  4.6GB so far more to come as well   1 GB is 1024mb

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  Some of the video's and a few more are on our You tube channel

All videos from 2007 to 2009
AGM 16 June 2007. Train Full New Track. 6 th Phase Dug Out Track Bed. H Pools Brit Loco. Stationary Engine Night 29 July 09.
2 and a Half Inch Rally Aug 2008 May Day Steam Up 4th May 09. James  Birthday video. Boxing Day Run 2008. Curly Trophy Presentation.
Drivers Eye Garry Correct Way. Drivers Eye Garry Wrong Way. Drivers Eye View @SCMES. High Level Track Driver's Eye View. Easter Monday 2009.
Midland Federation Rally 2009. Santa 2 & 9 Dec 2007. Santa 14 Dec 2008. Santa 7 th Dec 2008. Saturday Works Party Outing.
Opening event. Dennis Mulford Baldwin 2-4-2 tank Lynn. George Finnemore 0-4-0 Tank Romulus. James Duncan GWR 42XX 280 Tank. John Painter GWR 042 Tank 14XX.
Peter Goodman GWR 2-8-0 38XX. The Presentation. Spring Steam Event. 5th Phase Track Laying. Bonfire Night 2008.
L&NWR Society visit to Scmes. Moving tracks in carriage shed. 2 and a HALF Rally Aug 2009. Garden Party 16 August 2009. North Holt Railway Club.
Bonfire Night 2009 Santa Special 6 December 2009. Santa Special Dec 2009\Santa 13 Dec Part 2 2009.wmv Boxing Day 2009.wmv
2010 Years Video's
Spring Steam Up.wmv Erewash Vally MES 13 June 10.wmv AGM 19 June 2010.wmv Garden Party July 18  2010.wmv Pond Junction First lap video. wmv
5 th December Santa 2010.wmv Santa 12 th December.wmv      
Balleny Green Before Today Part 1. Balleny Green Before Today Part 2.   TOP OF PAGE
2011 Years Video's
 Easter Monday 2011 Spring Steam Event 21 May 2011 23rd AGM 18 June 2011 Erewash Valley MES 19 June 2011. Garden Party 3 July 2011
Bonfire Night 2011 Santa Special 4th Dec 2011 Santa Special 11th Dec 2011    
    2012 Years Video's    
Flash video\Nottinham Duchess Rally June 2012 Web.htm Bonfire Night 2012 Video.wmv Bonfire Night Video 2012.htm FLV Santa Special 9th Dec 2012.wmv \Santa Special 9th Dec 2012. FLV
Bill web page video Signalling System.htm Balleny Green Before Today
1988 / 1992  
    2013 Years video's    
Wakefield Visit April Spring Steam Up May A G M June Garden Party July  
    2014 Years Video's    
Santa one 14th Dec Santa two 21st Dec      
    2015 Years Video's    
Easter Monday Steam Up 6th April        
    2015 Years Video's    
Santa one 12th Dec Saturday Santa Two 13th  Dec  Sunday      
    2016 Years Video's    
Grand Opening SM32 Railway 5th June Midland Fed Rally 26th June “Ayesha” Battle of the boilers. \Two Half Rally 7th Aug\video.  
Santa 10th Saturday Video Santa 11th Sunday Video      

How to Save a Video to your hard drive.  This tell you how to save the video to your computer.











Please feel free to save any of my video's files to your own computer hard drive. ( update 2015 Jan. The new way of seeing my videos  cannot be saved without a lot of trouble.)

HOW I here you ask.  

First find the video you want to keep. Then RIGHT click with your mouse, on the photo/floppy or zip file. (Do Not open the video) and look for save target as  see photo above the red.

This will open a new box,  then navigate to the folder you wish to use on your computer to save the video in, and then click save.

Then when fancy looking at it again just click the file in your folder. There is no need to connect to this web page see it again.








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