Garden Party 12 Aug 2007 

Well we was blessed with hot dry weather all day and a long day it was. The garden Party started at 11.00pm till 4 .00pm

Then we put a surprise birthday party for one of our members who come every Sunday, Tuesday and possible more day I do not know about to work of the site. The party started at about 5 pm till  8.30 ish

The Garden party was well attended again with  lot to play  with, and free train rides all day by our staff

The surprise party work as well Dave ran his engine in the morning, but he had some problems and got a little down hearted, so he decided to go home early than we expected lot of phone calls to his family where made and we found out he was told to come back as he was been taken out for a meal few that was close!! His family came and we started to set thing up Balloons and food ect  and we seen Dave wondering about again What do we say ? anyway later we learnt from Dave he thought we had not tided up and there where lot of mates about, no penny dropped yet! he said he seen the balloons and walked in to the kitchen and seen the food thinking what this for Bump bang  the penny dropped it was for him. 






The Party




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