4th Phase Track Panel Marking

The lads have been busy doing other things before we could start panel making again. In the 3 phase we stopped at the level crossing. The lads have made a new crossing and put that in place. Then they made a few panels to work around thought the cutting to a point which there had to be a new set of points been made a fitted in place.  Then we could work out all the new track lay out and make a start.

The new points in place Not as a normal set of points we have made in the past.


Taken off the top of the bank


From the other bank still well funded

no investment from the government needed!


looking the other way






The Lads have been busy yet again only 2 photos taken. I sure more to come.


   Next bit is straight. So these panel can be made in the compound not here save getting all the kit out. 





Yet again the lads have been busy, all Straight length 13 Foot long, Why 13 Foot, that the length of the rail we get

 12 Oct 2008 I took the photos.





From here back to the points have been removed for events safety.





This is so far 26 Oct 2008 We are stopping here for a bit I think as we have some events on








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