Fifth Phase Track Laying

The lads are busy again making track panels for the 5th phase. We are taking about laying this lot first. The start of it is at the points that lead in to the carriage sheds up to around the corner to the next point by Ted's Hut.

Unfortunately there is going to be a lot of major works around this area with 5 new points  a X over (Diamond Crossing) all to be made and installed.

The set of points are well under construction which fit and join on to the 3 rd phase and carriage sidings. There lots of panels made in the corner.


Works Started 11 Jan 2009

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24 /25 A members photos
15 March 2009



Around The Bend Track Laying.   24/25 February 2009   

The weather was good to us and there was a good team for the 2 days

Small Video of track laying                 










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15 March 09 Up date

The lads have been busy over the last week or two, Sorting out where the track going and making track panels. As you can see they have made quite a few straight ones. Looking thought the history photographs I found a few of the way the track was originally laid out. It's Change some what to date and getting change again.



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