Bonfire Night 2009

Another long day for the lads on site at 9.30 to 10.30 pm. One crew made a start on building the fire whilst another crew put up all the fencing which seems to get longer each time. Elsewhere they set up the hot potato machine and stall. After lunch all the carriages and club locomotives were  got out and made ready for the evening. Mid after noon saw the arrival of a  qualified pyrotechnic who came to set up the firework display. This took until tea time. Then the fun started, making sure all was ready to go at 6 pm. At 7-15 pm, Pip, the pyrotechnic and myself let off  the fire work display hence no photos- I just lit them. There was no time to look up. They all made a good bang, I can assure you of that. All the visitors left at 9-00 pm and we lock the gate at 10.30pm A long day.




Bonfire Video