21st Annual General Meeting 2009.

Held on 13 June 2009.

As requested the weather was good all day long. This made erecting marquee a warm job for the lads in the morning.

A little sad to only see 2 of our members run their locomotive during the day. Our 3 club locomotives where out being used which is what they are for. Our junior member James work hard moving the 3 club loco with their stock up to the station. He then got  a lesson driving the tractor back to our store area in the morning.

The meeting went well for the 1 hour it took. There was a long discussion on how to encourage new members to join our club. We do run a probation scheme where by you can join our club for 3 months and pay a small fee; you are encouraged to join in attend meetings and help at a events etc. The lads work and maintain the grounds on a Sunday and Tuesday.  After the 3 months you can become a full member with all the benefits OR leave. We have 4 members who have join us.

Any way I have wondered off a bit: We then had BBQ  outside for the evening meal and chat in the lovely evening sun.




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