3rd Phase Track laying Saturday Sunday 8th/9th March 2008

After all the panels had been made, and the Tuesday lads had removed some of the track and the bed, We made a early start on putting it all back.

This is where the Tuesday lads removed the track back to from the points.

The start or the points where we are starting from.

First bit of ballast and a whack with the whacker plate.

first bit of new track in place.




The lads have removed more track and are removing the ballast.

Getting on well.

Old track removed well back to the crossing.

The lads putting back some new ballast




Looking back down the track bed

From the drive way all track pulled up.

This is where we finished on the Saturday

Filling the truck yet again. Sunday Morning

We are getting on well putting the track back.




They getting on even better!

Looking in our track levelling mirror. You can just see it on the end of the track on the row above.

Steve using the Birmingham spanner (hammer) Hit it !!!

Cutting the old rail at the crossing to make the joint.




A bag of sparks please mister!!!

It down ! just waiting for test train to come late again!

All Aboard

Chris on the test train.




A look along the new track just needs to be ballasted.

           Some photographs taken by one of the lads Mick B


Bolting one of the may rail joints with 12 Stainless steel nut & bolts.

Filling yet another truck full.

Yes it is full look! and heavy as well.




Dave looking for more to dig up!

Looks like a well earned rest.

Me with my head between  my knees yet again looking in the leveller.

Sorting out the level.




Mick with his head between his knees, he's looking backwards to us.

Getting close to the crossing gate.

Me adjusting the rail gap with a brummy spanner.

My sparks have gone out, can I have some more mister?

Cutting the old rails






Welding the new to old rail joints.

3 to weld up just as it started to rain.

A small video of the first train load. No sound Sorry.                                                

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