3rd Phase Track Panel Making

The lads and not many of them / us have made a start on making more track panels. I have only got a few photos to start with more to come as time and work progresses. We are starting at the points at the bottom and working back up to the level crossing and beyond.



 Dave & Chris getting a joint to look correct.

Chris still looking, and Ted waiting to bend more rail


Some lads waiting to build up another panel.



Some panels waiting to

be put down. 1 day !!

I standing at the points.

Looking at moving the track over a bit to make a small bend in it

The guys building a track panel. I did ask Mick if he wanted me to let the tyres down so he could reach better.

Looks good to me Chris !

Looking From where they stop last Sunday








Looking for the other way, You can see one of the nasty kinks we are trying to remove.

Hope you can see the new line we hope to take the track


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