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ROANOKE is all Finished. Better than ever runner.

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Keith with the mixer

A new hole for a fence post, hard getting down the hole

Drills drill round hole the lads want it square just be different!

Concrete job half done

A small video.



New tender body on painted blue.

The tender sides have been shortened by the alloy plate.

We have put a door in the back so we can get at the air brake stuff.

Here we have the engine unit of Roanoke been worked on by John & Dave.

Allan working on the main frames of Roanoke WITH a angle grinder how dare he!!

Chris and Dave working on the tender, getting it ready to be painted black.

And yet again the point lever but guess what it's been turned around by 90 degrees



A better shot of the new point levers we are going to be making and using.

As you can see the pipe is going in for the cables for all the signals

This is were the cables will come above ground to a signal post.

2 lads putting up a bit more of new fencing