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Mick with the grease tin out.

The new track lying on is new bed of gravel.

Looking the other way.

The wacker plate been used.   A small Video of today.

John doing a bit of fence work He said he like to look at what other have done on site

with the W H Y page.

Graham painting the gate.

The station fence.

Peter with the new cable boxes.




A new load of ballast been unloaded 20 Ton

Ballast going in place. Some one checking to see if it is still raining?

A Traction engine been boiler tested, Passed with flying colours.

The first bit of new track been offered in place

The new logos on the raised track carriages after new paint job.



WE have made a start on putting the track bed down.


A bit of track laid in to see what it looks like!

A tad further around the corner. I think on Tuesday they are going to the gate area

and starting there.

The new fence is going up well, Good idea but further to walk around, not so open plan.



Rodger having a go

All done and tested with the chimney fittted back on. Make's it look right.

Chris Dave and Roger coming in the station.

new station fence coming on well for Bonfire night.




The Concrete has set nice.

WE have new hole been dug by Peter

And yet another hole for the fence post

Dave putting in one of the concrete boxes for the pipes.

Sterling driving  his Bridget 7 1/4 engine.

I think this engine is why we have a 7 1/4" track down a bit history there for you

John having a chuff around

Graham on the raised track

Bob and his son.