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20 Feb Saturday Jack's Birthday Party.

Many Thanks To Eric for the photographs. They look Ok to me.




14 Feb Sunday

A point blade being milled down.

A left hand point waiting for some blades to be made.

More ducting installed last Tuesday.

The other end of the duct so far.

The start of the duct.

Back inside for a chat.

Steve having a boiler test.

Allan doing some chatting and working about equal on both.

Look quick Allan welding.

Steve having a run around.


7 Feb Sunday

The new lever in place.

Putting some grass turf in place to build up the bank a bit.

Mark making a start on some wiring

Oh dear!! I got snapped doing more than taking photos.

Mark with his head down busy.

The gang busy.

My new apprentice has been busy with the camera.

A new bit of track in place. Looking good.

One of the new points laid in place. A long time before that gets put in.