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29th Sunday

Summer is still with us. Today I found a few members doing something different. Graham was on the bridge painting. Rodney was about go up a ladder to one of the many  bird box's we have on site, Allan was grass cutting the hard way! or the proper way! Bill was busy putting a phone system in. Peter Mc and Mick were busy testing the club Speedy Boiler. John Copestick had his engine out for a steam up as one of our new members with his 3 1/2" G Schools Class Locomotive. Mark had bought his B1 as well. Malcolm had his 32mm battery locomotive running around. Brian & myself got another trolley welded up.

The two plate we cut last week welded together with long tacks of weld.

Grate Northern. They sorted the brakes out last Tuesday. Just a bit of tinkering on the lack of top speed.

Malcolm Sm32 loco and trucks

Peter & Mick with the speedy boiler ON the kitchen sink  Looks like they have washed up before they started.

Graham and the bridge, nearly done, Short brake and start the other end again!

Rodney  and his grandson got the right pose.

-- they are checking, cleaning and recording the location, aperture size and type of all our bird nest boxes.

The new member and his granddaughter Hanna.

The 2nd trolley.

Mark  with his B1.

Allan grass cutting the proper way.

Hanna on her first drive of the school's class.

John's loco waiting for John to come back.


22nd Sunday

Summer back at last, Don't tell everybody as they will want some. Not many lads on site today. Come to think not many last Sunday. I got very busy with Steve W & Mark on Jubilee I never got my camera out to check the lads. I have got a photo of the job we did on Jubilee for you to see. Today  Brian & myself cut some 6mm steel plate ready  the next trolley. Then we welded up the main frame work of the trolley. Len had his engine in steam for a run about  The bogies  are back under the Grate Northern but the brakes are not working correctly. They are stuck ON! 

Last weeks job We fitted 4 rubber mountings under the engine frame so help stop vibration Not a easy job or clean. All I will say is the bolts will not go rusty with the oil around the gear box.

Setting up to plasma cut the 6 mm steel plate

Brian working the camera me working the cutter.

That's better Brian got close in.

The steel tubular frame for the 2nd trolley welded up.  


Sunday 8th

A rather nice Sunday morning, bought a few members out working. Stuart was busy putting new cables in the new green shed lighting and power points. Rod was busy putting more fence up around the pond. Chris Mike and Dave were busy getting the stock out ready for the afternoons birthday party. Brian was on a new job, we are making some trolleys for the new green shed Brian has cut all the materials I got the job of welding it. This week we put the rail on the top plate.

Rod deep in thought's

Looking good Rod.

The top of the trolley, Brian offering up the flat strip for the rails.

The trolley about to go back to the works to have the rails welded on.

Stuart pulling wire in to the power box.

Yet another view of the fence.

Brian with a upgrade to his trusty bucket!