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Sunday 20th

Weather ! Yes Ok no rain & not cold either! Not many lads been let out today. Rod was busy planting plants, Peter R was no site but have no idea what the was doing. Stuart need a little welding job doing which I did for him. Peter Mc and Mike were looking at the speedy loco super heaters in the kitchen. Eric and Len as well as Neal were also about today. Chris was found hovering the work shop with Brian. Mark was looking at the Great Northern. with Chris nearby. Brian changed job and was busy cleaning some angle outside ready for his next project!   

Bonfire night wood ready waiting for the night in question.

Brian on the next page of his list. Cleaning angle for the telephone post box.

Which bucket are using today Brian, looks a few to choose from?



Tuesday 15th

Report for Tuesday 15th October.
Ron, Grenville and Eric got the tractor and tools and set about trimming the shrubbery adjacent to the goat hedge level crossing. This was long overdue and the shrubs are now at a sensible size and easier to maintain. The branches went to the bonfire which doubled in size what was already there.

We took the opportunity for a breather and had our morning break. Then it was to the shrubbery and trees on the bank, at the top of the field. There were some very large branches amongst the cuttings and by the time we decided it was time the call it a day the bonfire had doubled in size again. Now about fifteen feet high with a base about the same across -- see pic's.

While we had been dealing with the shrubbery Rodney continued sorting out the nest boxes and replacing one’s in a poor state. Rod has now finished installing the fencing round the pool and all that remains is to add the last few tops to stop the wet getting into the posts -- no pic's.
                                                                                              Thanks Eric another side of what's done on site. 

Ron off after another load.

More shrubbery trimmed.

Half way there Or half done this is the question?

Finished for the day.


Sunday 6th

The sun is still with us Lovely! Today we had our in house shunting competition. A some what slow event but for some good fun. Moving trucks in to an order in the least number of moves. Drivers taking part were, Bill, Peter Mc, Allan, Mike McKee. On the SM32 Allan, Mark  & Jack were having a run about. Not much work was done else were except for Brian & myself we did a bit on the 2nd trolley.   Thanks Eric the photos!     Full Report From John C

Just needs welding Steve!

John asking Bill his next move.


Bill doing his stuff backing up.

Allan & Jack getting up steam.

Peter before his run. Laid back approach, Good idea.


Peter backing up with a few trucks.

I think these were not used as there was no number on them.  Or chains holding the small boiler Tich down.

Brian I welded it. Yes both side as well.

Allan getting ready to go off on his trip around.

Movement! Allan with his trucks leaving the station.

Allan D SM32 loco in the sunshine.

Jack waiting for pressure to rise. Mark filling with H20.

Sm32 and a rake of coaches.