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Tuesday 26th

A dry, crisp, morning with some frost on the ground, with quite a number of members in attendance. The hort. team were doing what the hort. team usually does - collecting leaves, a bit of pruning, and generally tidying up.

Rod and Roger were busy in the pond/waterfall area whilst Garry had decided that it was time for a run to the scrap man, and so he, with initially Dave M and Allan D started work transporting the scrap to Garry's van. Other members, including Chris, Allan L, and David S added additional assistance, and by 11.30, Garry's van was loaded. Brian continued with his workshop tidying/clearing project.

Dave Osborne arrived with his new locomotive - a 5" gauge LMS 10000 diesel. A superb model which not only looks the part, but runs and sounds good too.

Garry, Dave M and Allan D arrived back on site around 1.00pm with a cheque in excess of 250.00 - a profitable morning's work!

After lunch, Dave M, Allan D and Garry spent some time in the NE corner identifying rubbish which is to be collected into one area for future transport to the local tip.

Small update from Eric

Today (26th) saw Grenville, Ron and Eric finish sorting out the tip area in the lower copse, clearing old timer to the bonfire and erecting a new barrier providing more space to tip this years leaves before rejoining Rodney clearing leaves. With around 4-6' feet of additional growth this year on all bushes, shrubs and trees there is a very substantial increase in the amount of leaves.  

The tatters (sorry - crew) at work clearing the scrap metal

Garry's van ready for the off.

Dave Osborne's new loco.

More leaves not on the track!



Sunday 24th

What a very pleasant Sunday morning, Not cold at all considering it is late Oct. The tress are looking bare as the lads are on a weekly sweep up. John C and Peter R hard at this job sweeping or blowing the leaves about. Stuart and John were just putting the label on the light they fitted last week. Rod and J C had a steam up  Dave Eric and Brian joined by myself were busy tidying the cops up Some steel rails was in the process of been buried so had to be removed. Some of the steel  was been put on one side to be weight in at the scrap place. Later Brian and myself did a bit more on you guessed it a trolley.

Rod back on shed after his run. Better than playing in the pond!

You did this last week Peter! but you have moved this way a bit.

The old lamp posts are going to be cut up and planted to make a fence posts. The rail is now all removed

the cattle grid is scarp metal pile.



Sunday 17th

A pleasant  autumn morning  and not cold either. Peter R and Rod had won the sweep brushing up leaves. John and Stuart were on a light job. John C had his 5 inch gauge engine testing all OK for Santa. Graham had bought his 7 1/4" black five for another test run. Bill said he had done a small update to the signalling system. Malcolm was having a steam up on the SM 32 track. Chris helped me do a mod for Brian on one of his trolleys using the plasma cutter which we did very well, probably because Brian was not about today.

Peter busy deep in though sweeping the leave from point A to B.

Rod I think has done this before.

John C with his 5 inch gauge getting steam up.

Graham getting steam up on his black 5 loco

John putting a light with Stuart close by.

Graham after a run around.

John on route somewhere!

Malcolm on the SM32 having a steam up. 


Sunday 10th

A very nice Sunday morning it was. After the night before there was not many lads on site. Dave Stuart and Peter cleaned up and taken care of the fire. Brian was on site also as was Mike, Neal, Later Peter Mc pop in to do a bit on the Speedy with Dave I helped Brian 

The Bonfire, look hard it is there!

Not much left at just turned 11.00 am

The spud oven is on the move back to it home till Santa comes he like a spud



Friday 8th

Just to update you Eric sent me the photos of the patio which looks very good. Garry has fitted the body back on the Grate Northern So this will be back in service for tomorrows Bonfire night due. I will up date the project to show more photos 

Complete locomotive outside NE corner with a delighted Chris looking on!

Almost there


looking from the platform gate.

Another finished view

Looking from the serving hatch end.



Sunday 3rd

The sun was shining like it should in autumn. As  you can see the patio is been re laid No workmen working on it today! Eric light the bonfire to burn the trees and surds. Stuart and John were busy in the green shed  wiring something up. Dave M was busy on speedy. Brian was playing with no 1 trolley  modified it. Mark did a bit on Great Northern then was called away to see Paul and his Foden wagon. Neal got busy on the hydraulic lift and roped Steve W & JC in to help. Graham had anew engine on site Rod was busy cutting grass!!! by the pond fence Mark & myself finally sorted an air problem on BT2. then I got to do a bit of welding on the trolley. Had last 2 Photos come Monday from late on Sunday thanks  Eric

Paul's dads Foden lorry.

Graham and his black 5 locomotive.

Neal looking in to the lift problem.

A better photo of the Foden 3" scale lorry

Many hands get in the way! Steve W, Neal and John Copestick (JC)

The pond Grass looking nice ready for me to wack some fire works in to it next weekend!

Going Up Men's wear 1st floor.

Ground floor canteen and car park.


Friday 1st

Tim Yeomans has removed the slabs from outside the clubhouse. He has dug out the sand and removed a layer of soil. Today he has put in several tons of road stone. Tomorrow he will be compacting it. Slabs will be laid on concrete.