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Sunday 26th

Summer has come but we are not shouting to loud about are we! The lads where having a wonderful steam up Sunday today. with 7 engines out, 5 of which were steam. Dave B bought 2 engine to have steam test done. Len was out on the raised track. Rod had his Southern engine in steam on the ground level. Mike B had taken the club speedy  home to do a bit of work on and this was back been tested on the ground level driven by Mark D and Mike. The Hymek was out ready to give rides but no one came. Eric ran his battery Prairie running as well.

One of Dave's engine just arrived.

The second of Dave's engine's

Rod coming back in after a run around.

Len with his Simplex.

Rod out on a run.

The Hymek with Ian on a driving lesson with Dave M.

Speedy with Mike and Mark. They said they know what they were doing! Looking puzzled to me!

Mark on a run.

Mike just leaving with Speedy.

Dave B at speed on the raised level. 



Tuesday 21st

Only a few members on site again today which was quite cold with spots of rain in the air.  Eric, Ron and Grenville were busy mowing, Rod and Roger were tidying round the waterfall - they had intended to seal the concrete, but the damp weather prevented this. Allan L, Chris and Dave S were busy in the NE corner working on the bogies of Great Northern. Dave M and Allan D spent the morning cutting the grass in the centre of the SM32 layout, whilst Len steamed his locomotive and ran on the raised level track.

Garry spent the morning initially with Steve Wilkin driving the Hymek, after which he was given his licence to drive on public event days. John Cope was also tested and passed to drive on public event days.

Bill and John spent some time installing cable for the new site telephone system.

After lunch, Dave M and Garry had a trip to Lichfield TV to see a 12" to the foot scale Duchess of Sutherland.

On their return, Garry loaded the Great Northern body onto his van for refurbishment work to be carried out in his home workshop.

Len at speed on the raised level track.

Bill and John digging the trench to bury the new telephone cable.

Such a delicate touch! Allan with the rake clearing the grass from the SM32 layout.

A hort. team apprentice at work!

Duchess of Sutherland at Lichfield TV High Level

Duchess of Sutherland transferring to the WCML


Tuesday 14th

The day started bright and cool, with the forecast of heavy rain by lunchtime. The hort. team set to mowing and generally tidying up, and later joined other members taking the marquee down and transporting it to its home in the NE corner.

Neal was busy hydraulic and steam testing three SM32 locomotives, as these now need boiler certificates. He was, however, able to carry out these tests in the comfort of the clubhouse.

Dave M, Allan D, Chris and Garry were busy insulating and lining the roof of the new carriage shed, which was completed just after lunchtime.

The shed is now ready for the electrics team to move in and install lights and power points etc. and the high level track team to grout it round its base, and then design and install the traverser and fit out the shed with tracks etc.

1st panel installed

Job complete.


Sunday 5th

A very warm and sunny morning for our raffle ticket wins to come to have a ride around and play out our site.
Dave was busy taking passengers around. Len was out on his new Simplex locomotive, Bob was having a steam test. Dave M was also having a steam test today. Peter was busy on the new battery electric locomotive. Brian had moved post to another one! Ian and Mark had the SM32 in operation. Rod was found with a watering can. Dave also tried the gismo lift. Mark repaired the Hymek and then gave a young lad a drive with it. We also had a fire on site today !.

Dave with a full load of passengers.

Len on his newly finished locomotive.

Bob was having a steam test.

Another Dave's loco ready for a steam test and drive around.

The new shed with a door that fitted! Yes they bought one that would have fitted the side.

Peter with a full load leaving the station.

Brian busy working away at his post.

The SM32 in full swing.

Rob watering the plants I hope!

The Winners been shown around the site. Dave coming in to the station.

Dave going back in to the steaming area on his new gismo lift.

Mark taking a young lad for a drive around.

FIRE!!!! were its gone out. SO has the signal.

One way to get rid of the leaves on the track!!!