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Sunday 31st

I left home with snow still covering our front and back laws. Thinking to my self more snow photographs today. What a shock as I drove 6 miles to the club the snow got less and less. Did it snow any where else I asked my self?

Len was having his Leo Steam tested today, a very chilly job. Not much else been done,  I found Mark had finished the Grate Northern electrics and made a very clean and tidy job. Mark was not on site and his away, so and club fee see Chris G. Mike B and John cleaned the stones out the point near the new concrete pad. Dave I think is making a mod to the concrete pad, don't ask very technical problem to do with width and length! hence no shed

Len with his Leo (sweet pea) filling the boiler to do a steam test.

The dry concrete pad so far. Dave was not on site today.

The control panel on the Grate Northern.

The very tidy electrics.

Len with steam up.

Len on route, not for long as very cold in the wind.


Sunday 17th

A rather pleasant morning. A little chill in the air. Bob was mole catching again, Brian was at the same post when I looked over at him, thinking to myself, got a photo on file some where save my battery. Mark & Chris were working on the control panel of Great Northern. Mark D and my self did a bit of work on one carriages and brake truck. Plus the Jubilee tender. Stuart and John were looking in to an electrical problem with the lights

The almost finished locomotive lift. Just waiting the bricky to come Brian!!!!! another for the list.

Some more fencing has been fitted to the SM32 track.

Mark refitting a pipe connection on the carriage.

Marks new control panel on the Great Northern.


Friday 15th

As a result of sub zero temperatures on Tuesday 12th March, the concreting of the pad for the new carriage shed was postponed until today.

The weather was above freezing at around 6 degrees, but a cold breeze made it feel below freezing.

The concrete arrived about 1.1/2 hours late, putting pressure on the team to get the job done quickly before the rain set in.

Due to a reduced team, we were unable to tamp as we poured the concrete, resulting in an over supply of concrete by about 6 barrow loads which we had to reluctantly dump in the copse.

Thanks to Eric, Roger, Tony and Dave M for turning up and working so hard to achieve the desired result. Thanks must also go to Mike Brophy who kept us all refreshed with tea and soup.

Tony loading up with concrete.

Dave M with a barrow load. ( I thought this was a photo shop editing from the one above)

Roger, Eric and Garry busy pouring and laying.

Dave arriving with another load.

The finished job. Dave and Mike laying boards to support the tarpaulins.



Sunday 10th

Chilly and a fair few flakes of snow this morning. Glad of some warm work. Dave & Peter were busy on the new shed base, So I joined in putting in the wire mess for the concrete. We left Dave to go to make the wooden tamper, Chris helped us as he had done the carriage lift stop (no photo) Mark was busy drilling the cab control panel for the Great Northern. Rod was busy with his water fall pump I go in the way  of his camera.

The water fall running. The water fall needs some protective stuff painting on the  slope. Summer job We have been told.

Rod took this a close up of the water falling.

Rod could have moved me.

What I was taking above.

The base coming on well.

Dave with Brian supervising today! The wire mesh going down.

Peter with our tamper all ready for Tuesday concreting.

The new control panel been drilled for the gauges and switches all done by Mark.

The oil cooler and horns in place at the front of the Great Northern


Tuesday 5th

A foggy, cold morning greeted the 'Tuesday Gang' today. However, within a couple of hours, the sun was out, and it turned into a very pleasant day.  A lot of work was done by the various teams.

The hort team were busy pruning the laurels around the site, and Eric, after burning all the rubbish, could be found mowing. Stuart and Peter were busy with the new pedestrian gate, while Allan L and Dave S were re-locating a point lever which was in the way of the concrete pad for the new carriage shed. Mike Bentley, with John C and Peter then spent the day fitting the shuttering for the concrete pad. Roger was busy with the water pump for the waterfall, and finally had water flowing over the fall. Most impressive it looks too!

Dave M, Allan D and Garry went off site to collect the reinforcing for the concrete pad, and then continued with the loco lifter, which is now complete. All that is now required is tidying up with edging bricks etc. Chris and Mark B were busy in the NE corner working on Great Northern. In all, a very productive day.

The timetable for the carriage shed is as follows:

Sunday 10th March - Install reinforcing.

Tuesday 12th March - Concrete arrives at around 9.00am

Tuesday 19th March - Shed to be delivered at around 9.00am.

Wednesday 20th March - Fitters arrive to fit roller shutter door.

It's a tight schedule, but hopefully achievable.

Eric with a handy match and some diesel fuel. Hope was red stuff?

 Eric pandering to his pyromanic tendencies!

Work in progress on the shuttering and point lever relocation.

Allan welding point lever steelwork

Roger's Fall!

Allan making final adjustments to point lever mechanism.

Shuttering almost complete.


Sunday 3rd

March and the sun is making a come back, but still chilly out. Peter and John were busy digging out for the new shed base. Brain was busy at his post again. Eric had the blower out moving leaves about.  Rod was looking in the water pump on the pond. Dave and myself were back on the loco track lifter. Chris cut some steel and I welded it up for another small job. Mark was back on the Great Northern doing the electrics .

The track lifter in place.

Eric moving the leaves from point A to B

Peter with the tractor and trailer.

Rod with the water pump. He has got a permit !  We always have a chat about dads army the night before.

The track lifter gismo in the raised position.

Peter making a start on the shed base John is about somewhere.

Brian !!!!! Is the post you started at?

A man outstanding in his field (Allan standing in our water fall more like)