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Sunday 30th

A beautiful June Sunday morning. Not many on site to go with it, due to a steam up Saturday yesterday. I hope to get some photographs sent to me as it sounds like it was a good day. Today Rod was having a steam test ready for the Maxitrak rally, he then moved to the pond grass cutting. Eric was grass cutting the main field. Peter R was busy in the new shed. Brian was busy laying a few more bricks around a point lever this time. Dave and Mark cut the grass around the SM32 track. Len ran his SM32 for a short time.

Rod with Peter Mc having a boiler test.

Peter R busy cutting the white sheets of insulation.

Brian on his knees.

Lens SM 32 locomotive, I had to ask him to stop as I kept missing it go by. Little and fast to say the least!

Brian and his trusty bucket.

Rod cutting grass. You really need to stand by the pond. The photos no give it justices.



Sunday 23rd

Rain Rain go away and come back when the plants need watering. Need I say more!!! Ok not that bad but wet all the same. Today John Copestick had to do a steam run as he had done a modification on his engine and today is the last chance he has to try it before the garden party. John Cope and Peter R were in the new shed working away lining the side walls with wood. Rod got wet planting the other side of the water fall. I left him checking the water fall pump as it had stopped pumping for no reason. 

John & Peter in the shed. Good job DRY all the time.

John getting up steam with a few members over seeing.

At last john out on his test run.

John getting wet and a good little run all OK as well.

Rod handy work planting the other side of the water fall in the rain! Yes he got a watering can as well.

Looks better if stand by it I can tell you.


Sunday 16th

After our AGM yesterday wet & chilly at times. The sun was back with us today. Mike was busy helping  Dave O do his boiler test on his traction engine. Peter R was on two jobs pointing and carriage shed. Len had his 32mm running for a sort time. Ian was digging. Brian was busy sorting his next job. Dave got to have ride around on his traction engine

Mike, Peter Mc & Neal checking all is Ok.

Peter back doing a bit of pointing.

Ian digging for, Not sure it was hard like the M1

Brian crossed another box of his list then added another one to it later.

SPOT the light bulb competition answers on a post card to.

Dave finally  driving around on his traction engine. Once owned and built by Stan Jones.


Sunday 9th

Summer has come at last! Today we had a birthday party booked. So not much workings going on. Brian now feeling a lot better has been aloud out to play with his bricks. The lads put the marquee up for the party. Garry had a steam test.  Mike had to have a look at the lift as the valve stopped working!

The Marquee been put up just for the day.

Brian playing with his bricks again.

Garry engine going up o the lift.

Rod & Roger taking 5 mins to look at the work.

The lift needed a repair doing as we got going with the party. Mike busy sorting it 


Tuesday 4th

Many thanks to Mark for sending in the photo for today. One of our members had took delivery of his new locomotive called Stafford You can see it being tested and having a run. It went really well as you can see Dave even got a go of his engine.

Dave's new Strafford on shed for the first time.

Neil oiling up Dave's Strafford.

Neil taking it out on the first run.

Neil coming out the steaming bay.

First lap going well.

Dave finally gets his hands on his new engine.

Dave going well round the top of the field with a carriage and brake truck.