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Sunday 21st

 I travelled to the club with some rain in the air. Light drizzle I think they call it. It was not required. Peter R was busy getting the stock out for the birthday party after dinner. Others working were John W & Stuart H putting in some ducting for lights/ power in the new shed. I asked ! Rod was busy watering in the rain! Eric D & Peter Mc were filling the on site water bins in case of a fire. Brian was on his bricking job. Dave M was having a steam test after some tinkering at home.

Steve's new engine waiting to be light for the party after dinner.

Dave checking all OK.

John W and the ducting.

No not smoke, Steam !

Leave them alone they will play for hours

Stuart and John bending some ducting pipe.

Rod in the drizzle watering !!!!!.

Bob doing a bit of track cleaning.

Brian and his bucket on the job.

Dave after a test run all OK I think.


Sunday 14th

We have been busy doing events haven't we. Not many lads about today doing  anything. Bob was having a steam test. Neal, Dave, & Peter Mc were busy doing it for him.  Dave M was busy putting the club speedy locomotive back together after some work had been done on her after many years of use. Only started as a none working injector. Ended up been new packing and bushes in the right hand cylinder, as she would only do one lap and need  a blow up of steam to do another lap. Stuart was busy drilling a hole Donít ask what for.  Rod was so busy he did not hear me get close and take the picture. I think he needed the little door open in his hat!!! Brian had his trusty bucket ready with mortar  laying bricks. And the sun was still out shining hot.

Bob having a run after his boiler been past Ok.

Rod deep in thought.

Stuart drill the hole. bit high for a coat peg! any thoughts.

The water fall It dose look the part.

Brain and his brick laying.