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January 2013



Happy New Year To You All.

Tuesday 29th

A dull, cool, day with a few showers. The hort. team were busy tidying up whilst Rod spent most of the morning removing mole hills.

Mike B and his team did some work on the raised level track and then cut out the bank past the footbridge for a set of steps to access the new carriage shed.

Allan L with Dave S, Mark B and Chris were busy working on Great Northern, stripping down the remaining gearboxes to check for wear.

Luckily, they all looked OK and so only one needs replacement.  The wheels have also been checked against our profile gauge, and only one requires some slight attention to the root radius. One has a thin flange, but this will be put on the offside rear of the rear bogie on re-assembly, and should not get much further wear.

Dave M, Allan D and Garry were busy fabricating a frame to support the track for the loco levelling device.


Dave M establishing the location of the lifting cam shaft.

New steps for carriage shed access.

Gearbox strip down on Great Northern.

The other 3 gear boxes were found to be Ok and not need replacing.

A good one,



27th Sunday

Thanks to the sudden change in the weather I now no longer need to clean my drive of of snow it's all gone. Lots of guys on site. Working  were Mark B, Rod, & Chris on the Great Northern. John Cope and Peter were looking at the raised track. Sorry no idea why. Mark D had the some new 32 mm carriage kits in the club house looking at, as was Ian. Bob was mole catching again. Other members were chatting.

7 days and what a big change.

Pond Junction? More like mole corner.

Bob our mole catcher. Hoping for a prize next week.



22nd Tuesday

Eric is our on the site photographer today many thanks.

Bill was first and had parked in the entrance while doing some measuring, from the level crossing, when I arrived as he was not staying.  I parked in the road and walked in to drop papers for Chris, Neal, David S and S Harrison.

Bill had gone by the time I walked back from the club house but Neal arrived and so I decided to stay.  While having coffee the others arrived one by one.  Mark Dale arrived to pick up the SM32 kits to take home and check -- he could not stay as he was off to drive a 'big train'.   Mike Birkinshaw joined us later for lunch.

Nice dry fine but very cold morning with more snow on top of that from the previous few days.

I will hold it, you hit when he says so. Who will say so did you say.

I blinked can you hit it again please.

The assembly trying to show the amount of wear.  

Mr Mole is back.

A general view from the Pool Junc Box -- yes it's Neal you can just see on the mound in the SW corner.

General view looking across the pool to the club house.

General view from the mound in the SW corner looking toward Pool Junction Box.

Mr Robin on a visit.

A Beema with top hat.




20th Sunday

A  morning that's looks better on Christmas cards, but if you do get out and take a camera you can get some wonderful scenes. How a bit or a lot! of snow make's a place look so different. Only 3 made it out today Neal, Eric and myself.  

Not clear is the snow on the rails and sleeps looking strange.

No campers here today.

My normal shot looking White! and more coming down as I took them.



8th & 15th Tuesday

8th January 2013

The hort team were at work early today, and had felled one sapling before most of the Tuesday 'gang' had arrived. They then set about another one followed by some serious pruning of trees and bushes. Rain stopped play by lunch time.

Garry helped Allan D with some shelving under the SM32 baseboards to prevent equipment boxes having to be placed on the top of the baseboards, or on the ground. Allan L assisted by Dave S fabricated a length of track, to be used in conjunction with the hydraulic lift, for use as a maintenance facility for the rolling stock. Dave M was busy on components for the locomotive leveller.

Garry and Chris worked on BT2, installing a new, larger, brake cylinder reservoir and a drain valve for the main reservoir. Initial testing found a minor air leak which will be fixed next week.

Mark D assisted by Allan D installed a length of fencing on the SM32 layout, as well as installing two more buffer stops on the future through roads.

15th January 2013

The hort team were confined to barracks today by the cold. Garry, assisted by Chris worked on BT2 stopping a number of minor air leaks before filling the lubricator with oil. A small leak developed on the oil regulator screw, and was found to be caused by an ill fitting O ring. The pin has been taken off site for rectification, and will be returned and fitted next week, weather permitting. Allan D was busy cutting and drilling fence posts for the SM32 layout, and Dave M was continuing his work on the loco leveller components. After lunch, Allan L and Dave S made use of the new maintenance track they had fabricated last week, and serviced two carriages, after which they assisted Garry, Mark B and Chris with Great Northern.

Garry cut out the ventilators and windows on the body shell with his jigsaw - there now remains a lot of filing! - while Mark B removed the wiring loom and disconnected everything in sight! The bogies were removed, and it was then that the extent of repair/replacement became apparent. The front gearbox on the front bogie does not drive, and the prop. shafts have grooves worn into them caused by rubbing on the frame stretchers. The wheels are also very worn. This loco has done an incredible amount of work over the years with very little maintenance, and so this was to be expected. However, taking the bogies apart is no easy matter, as the wheels have to be removed before we can access the gearboxes etc. It is hoped to carry out this operation next week, weather permitting.

What is apparent is that the locomotive will not be back in service for many months - sorry Chris!!

We have started a new project called Great Northern Rebuild It has it own page.


The hort team in action!

The new fencing on the SM32 layout.

The new equipment shelving under the SM32 baseboards.

Buffer Stops on the SM32.

Main reservoir drain valve on BT2.

Larger brake cylinder reservoir on BT2.

Allan L servicing carriage 11. On his new work bench set up.



13th Sunday

A pleasant little jack frost this morning . It was nice to stand with the sun on our backs chatting in the steaming bay area. Mark & Brian had done some work on the club locomotive and were checking it was all OK. The fish were doing their morning swim under the ice! The normal lads were in the club house chatting and drinking tea.

How many laps you done Fred? I don't know but it further this way around I think.

The new fence on the 32mm track side.

Just getting up steam.

Mark topping up the side tank.



Sunday 6th

First I calculate we had 2500 hits last year on the W H Y page. But 2013 year starts off with whole web site down due to a new server been installed over in Nottingham where the club web site is based.  Today Rod and Len had their engines out having a run about. The tea urn was hot in the club house as well.

Rod coming back in to the station.

Lens new engine 32mm gauge.

Under the cab roof on Lens engine Water gauge on the left 8 small screws, Pressure gauge, Radio controlled regulator in the middle

and to the right the butane gas tank. This engine also has forward and reverse and drain cocks operated by the radio control unit. 

Steam and not form the cup either.

More steam Rod leaving the station.