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Tuesday 26th

Quite a lot of work carried out today despite the cold, initially damp, day.

The hort team were again busy with general maintenance whilst Stuart was busy re-fitting the entrance gate to the platform following galvanising of the hinges etc.

Mike B, Peter and John started work on the foundations for the new carriage shed and had marked out and levelled the area by the end of the day. It is now ready for shuttering to be installed so that the pad can be cast. Rod and Roger were again busy in the pond area, which it is hoped will now reach a successful conclusion in the next few months - weather permitting.

Dave M, Allan D and Garry were working on the loco levelling device, installing the cam shaft.

Mark D, assisted by Chris, fitted some more fencing round the SM32 layout.

Stuart on his knees again!

Mike B and team working on the new carriage shed foundations.

The fencing team.


Sunday 24th

A chilly morning work on site today. I found Dave M working on the loco lift gizmo by himself so I joined in. John Mike & Peter were finishing of the new step on the other side of the foot bridge. Mark & Chris were busy on the Great Northern moving oil pipes. Bob was trying to catch the moles but not having much luck. Bob said either the moles have had the scrap men in as 2 old style traps have gone or they have walked! 

The track lifter project!

The Steep and posers. Or the posers by the step!

The gizmo on it's plate checking we have dug the correct place!

The other side the steps.

The trench ready to have the concrete beam. Just need to be cut to length.

The step. Just the gate to be made.

The oil cooler on the front of the Great Northern. It has made a lot of room moving it here.

When there are more photos I will put them on the project page.  


Tuesday 19th

A beautiful, crisp, sunny morning on site today. Very few members on site, but those that did arrive, soon found something to do. The hort team were busy tidying up, whilst Dave M, Allan D, Chris and Garry were busy removing the existing track and excavating for the loco leveller, after which, several slabs were cut and laid to form the base above which the new frame would sit. A lot of dust!!

Peter Robinson was busy working on the new step access for the new carriage shed.

Mark B and Ossie were busy with electronics for the raised level signalling system revamp.

The scene on arrival at BG looking towards Pond Junction.

Loco leveller frame being trial fitted.

Loco leveller cam shaft being positioned to ascertain excavations. (The Gizmo)



Sunday 17th

The rain did go away and came back as snow. Today Sunday the sun is out, but there is a chill in the wind. Spring must be coming. Rod has his engine out for a run around. Mark and Chris and myself did a bit of work on the Great Northern, we are moving the oil cooler. John and Peter were moving slabs from under the foot bridge. Allan and Mark had the 32 mm running with the new club rolling stock. Many thanks to Mark D for the last few photos sent to me after I left for lunch.

Rod in steam or so he thought!

The new 32mm rolling stock that has been built from kits.

Point repairing  on the 32mm track.

Allan's Garrett

The Garrett with onlookers.

Allan with his Garrett.

Small video of the Garrett running

 First run with the clubs new coaches (club engine)

First run with the clubs new coaches.

First run with the clubs new coaches.

 NG16 Garrett in action.

 Alan looking pleased with his Garrett.



Sunday 10th

Rain Rain go away come back another day Please! Only Bob and myself went out to check the mole traps. Dave M did opened  the north easy corner with Chris but soon locked it up. Lots of lads passing the time of day (putting the world correct) in the club house. Not sure the world will be a better place from Monday Sorry No photos



Tuesday 5th

Winter is back! The few that did turn up today arrived in a blizzard, followed by periods of sunshine, but a biting, cold wind throughout the day.

The depleted hort team took refuge in the clubhouse, while Ossie was seen on his knees attending to a sensor at the exit of the tunnel - at least I think that is what he was doing! If he was praying, he was facing the wrong direction.

Allan, Chris, Mike Brophy and Mark B took refuge in the heated NE corner working on Great Northern. stripping more bits off, and finding a few more problems. This could be our version of Flying Scotsman!!

Meanwhile, Dave M, Allan D and Garry were busy fabricating another frame for the loco levelling device, again in the warmth of the NE corner.

On completion, the latest frame was tried on site, before hot soup beckoned.

After lunch, Garry braved the cold and painted both frames so that they would be dry before installing.

Mike Bentley did some work on the new access step for the new carriage shed.

Allan D with Mark D tried Allan's Garrett on the SM32 track - a very impressive loco indeed.

Dave M drilling the operating shaft for the loco leveller.

Mike busy fitting a slab to the new steps.

Chris taking off yet another item off Great Northern

Allan D's impressive SM32 Garrett.




Sunday 3rd

A chilly morning in the wind. Lots of members on site, and working. Rod & Bob were mole house sorting. Bob was evicting them. Rod was repossessing their soil for his pond project. Dave along with Chris and myself were looking at the new lifting gismo. Mark was looking at the Great Northern. Stuart and John were sorting a electrical problem out in the north east corner building. Brain was at his post or two. Mark bought his B 1 for a steam test and a run. 

Rod & Bob working on the mole problem Len checking (chatting)

The new trap. It works on fingers very well.

Rods pond coming on very nicely. Just after some find days to paint the water fall bit.

The gismo.

Brian a hold his post.

Brian at his other post.

Pouring in the concrete for the base.

Mark just arriving with his B 1 Locomotive.

Mark after his steam test out on route.