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Sunday 29th

A frost early in this morning, but soon gone as the sun got up. I found Rod with his engine having a run around the ground level track. Brian Chris and myself unlocked the bottom and got the trolley out. Brian did some grinding and we put it away for another day/year! Mark D Dave M & Peter Mc came down and had another look at Speedy, and decided the best plan of action to correct the problem. After removing the valve guide bars and re set the valve timing all is well. The valve guide bars are an added extra and were made with not enough travel. It looks like it has been like this since the engine was built!

Rod heading of in to the sun.

Brian making a sparks grinding the slopes on the rails.



26th Boxing Day Steam Up

A good chill in the air and very cold in the wind if you were on a train ride. Not many visitors, but club member made up for it. Graham, Bob, Steve all got up steam, Chris got the Hymek out for the members to have a ride with their family. 

Graham and Bob getting steam up.

Roger and his family coming back in after a ride with the Hymek.

Bob with is Speedy on the ground level.

Graham with his black five locomotive.

Sam driving Rodger and his son.

No Steve had not nodded off.

Two club members out standing in the field!



Sunday 22nd

A wonderful sunny morning. Is it December we ask ourselves. NO photographs today as nothing been done worth taking. Peter Mc Dave M were looking at the speedy frames and valve gear as there is room for improvement. Brian was still tidying up the work area. Mark and Mike were making some mods to Speedy's ash pan. 

WE hope to play on Boxing day morning and it the day is like today it should be good.

The SCMES wish you all a Happy Christmas



Tuesday 11th

Not too many members on site today, but those who were there were busy with various tasks in order to keep moving and warm, as it was quite cold.

Eric and his team were moving mountains of leaves, the worrying thing being that there are still a great number still to fall. Garry was busy having a steam test on his 4F prior to running on Sunday at the Santa Special which was carried out by Neal and Dave S.

Roger, aided by Dave M and Allan D, cleared the leaves from the pond, and then Dave M and Allan joined Mark in the NE corner to work on Speedy.  Mark also brought the finish painted boiler and pannier tanks. It all looks very smart. Brian was busy continuing his tidying of the workshop, and concluded by fitting the vertical head to the milling machine.

Allan L was busy, aided by Mike Brophy, rectifying a hydraulic problem on the loco lift.

Eric and his team collecting the leaves

Allan and Mike discussing the hydraulic problem with the lift

 Garry's 4F with appropriate headboard.

Allan giving Garry's loco e 'test' run!

David M running Speedy on air

Speedy repainted boiler awaiting re-fitting

Brian working on fitting the vertical head on the milling machine.


1st Sunday Steam Up

Yet another very pleasant Sunday for the lads to have a steam up. JC, Steve W, & John C had their engine out. Steve may be the new owner of Grahams engine one day. Steve & his son were having a test run around. Dave M and Peter were finding more leaves to put in the cops. Mark& Chris did an oil change on Great Northern. Brian and myself did more tidying up in the work shop area.

John Cope putting my black gold on the fire.

Steve with Grahams engine. JC with his.

Steve deep in thoughts!

John coming in to the station

Yep a very pleasant Sunday morning. Thanks Eric

A busy steaming bay Not cold. Its just man's thing hands in pockets.