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Tuesday 27th

Tuesdays are the day set aside for members to attend Balleny Green to undertake maintenance work, project work and carry out repair work to the grounds, society locomotives, carriages, brake trucks, signalling systems, mowing, hedging and a whole variety of work required to keep things in order and operating safely.

Equally, it is a day that members bring their own locomotives to run as well as having boiler tests to conform to the safety standards laid down by law.

Occasionally we have specially invited groups who cannot or find difficulty attending at weekends; for example we've had parties of disabled and autistic persons.   The photographs are of a recent Tuesday afternoon with the members having a break while the party has refreshments.  The photo's exclude any members of the party attending for legal and personal reasons.   Thanks Eric and Mike.

Just catching some rays are we lads!


Sunday 25th

An overcast Sunday, rain been expected and still waiting! But warn all the same. Rod was very busy on his pond putting up a small chain link fence. Stuart and John were busy in the new shed putting up a light. Dave M was busy on the club Speedy. Mark was busy on the Hymek. Hope to see it back in service some time soon. Ian was planting his wooden bits. Graham was busy getting ready to paint the foot bridge steps. Myself I was putting the driving lamp back on the front of Jubilee after a small repair job.

John with his tool box.

Rods new fence.

The lamp been fitted.

Graham getting the steps ready to be painted.

Ian and another pile of wood all the same length.


Sunday 18th

Today we had a birthday party booked. So we had to get all the things ready. Roof on the marquee, club locomotives out with carriages. Extra ones for Steve and Dave to pull. Brian was found laying yet more bricks but with no signal post in the way! The sunshine was out all day as well Eric took some photos of the tea time. You can tell no children.

Brian hard at it. Not sure what, but he is working hard at it I was told.

Dave with Steve pushing the Stratford locomotive

Mark and Chris sorting the tea tray for the lads.

Tea time for the lads.

Edward having his trip around it is Edwards birthday party. We give the birthday party boy or girl a trip driving at the end of the day. 



Sunday 11th

The nice weather has bought out a few engines today. John, Mark and Rod had a steam up and run around this morning. Mark bought his 9F to run on the ground level after having a hydraulic and steam test on the boiler. Rod had finished his run by the time I got my camera warmed up! John had a good run around. Brian was busy at a old job, nearly done as well. Only to be asked by Peter R who was digging a soak away for the new shed down pipe could Brian do the brick work.

John Rod on shed with Brian's 9 F coming on shed.

Peter was busy until he heard me come!

Brian's 5 inch gauge 9F locomotive awaiting a hydraulic & steam test. Rod's engine behind it after a little run.

John getting steam up.

Brian with Neal checking all Ok with the boiler.

John coming back in to the station slowly !

Mark on his first run on the ground level track with his 9F

John on route some where!

Ian doing some work puzzled by the odd length bits of wood that has been cut for him.

Mark with some passengers.