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Saturday Sunday 27th 28th

SCRS Exhibition

Many tanks to Peter Mc for sending these two over

A general view of our stand which made an impressive sight for the visitors as they entered the building.

Man at work! Our display of live steam outside attracted a steady stream of

 onlookers and led to lots of explanations on how it all worked.



Tuesday 24th

Many thanks to Mike for sending in today's W H Y  The new shed has been put up at last. Some repair work work was done on the compressor for the show next weekend. Sorry I cannot say more I got Mike to take the photos MY next job is to get him to send in a few words to go in this box!

The Shed not screwed down yet so John is holding on to it.

Loco's ready to take to the show.

Many hands make light work.

Not sure but looks good

Dave and Chris working on the Great Northern.

I know how they feel. We are having tea shirts printed in bulk

Roger's new path


Sunday 21st

A spring morning bought a few members having a steam up/ run around on the 32mm track. Dave was still doing some final bits to the gismo box. Brain was busy laying bricks again. Peter & John were doing a bit of high level track maintenance, Rod was busy doing landscaping on the water fall. Chris and my self put the wheels back on Great Northern Chris has also put some of the braking gear back. Peter Mc came to sort out next week ends event at the school. 

Sorry lots of photos!

The gismo box

Peter showing me where they have added a shim to level the track up.

Lens 32mm locomotive out for a run.

Rod's Handy work in the landscape department.

Chris putting a wheel back on one of the bogies of Great Northern.

Job Done

Marks coal fired Garret locomotive in 32mm

Brian busy as per normal. NO drilling today.

The Garret with a rake of coaches.

Some coal been put in the fire box.

The little fire going well.

One bogie with brakes replaced Minus brake blocks.



Tuesday 16th

Many thanks to Rod for sending in the photos Bit small (save me resizing them) I cannot say to much as to the day but think that there was a  lot been done.

Bill replacing crossing gate mechanism he had repaired at home.

Dave and Alan doing some brickwork on the loco lifter.

Hort team with a Gotcha!!

Hort team removing some of the grass bank edging boards..

Roger making mods to the electric supply and trunking for the water pump.

Brian at his usual post ,helped by ozzy.

Rod started to plant up rockery.

Rogers work all neat and tidy now.


Sunday 14th

The sun was shining and very warm with it. At one point I nearly took my coat off to work But the wind was still about. John C was having two steam tests today all went well there. John Cope did a bit of work on the base of the new shed concrete, Then joined in helping Dave M Peter R and myself do the slabs around the gismo handle. I think Brian has had a relapse as I found him drilling hole where he should not have done so bad boy!!!

Yesterday we had the Wakefield club visit us I have created a web page for that day in events

The start of the slab job.

More grass been cut out by Dave.

John after just been tested all OK on one engine.

Brian If only you had stopped at this point.

But no I want to play with my toy and drill holes.

John with Steve on his other engine al pasted OK.



Sunday 7th

After all the snow we finally getting some warmer weather. Dave was busy getting ready to lay some bricks in the locomotive lifter, I joined in helping, later Allan D joined in the fun. Peter & John C got the brooms working and made a good job of the steaming bay area. Mike B painted the underside of the locomotive lift track. Our well know friend Brian was yet again laying bricks. Rod did a bit of repair work on his water fall. The frost had dislodged a bolder or two.

Sorry No photos for last Tuesday. Garry is away so we need a new onsite camera man for Tuesday's please.

The bricklaying job under way Not Brian!

The slab ready for the new shed.

Brian with his trusty bucket and trowel.

Look a pro in action.

Mike painting the locomotive track lifter, One handed as well!

All done waiting for the bit of track to be put back.