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Sunday 30th

Autumn is coming going on the weather today. Not many lads on site working. John and Stuart were doing something, but I did not find out what. Brain was busy up the top of the field busy laying bricks. Dave with Mark and myself was busy sorting out the next bit on the SM32 project. We have the primer and roofing felt to put on the top of the track bed. We could only do so far. Rod had his locomotive out for a run today as well. His pond job looks very good. To get a good shot for you I will have to stand in the middle of the pond.  

Rod checking the lubrication oil on his Southern engine.

The roofing felt been laid on the top.

We can only do to here as the sides have not been finished.

The pond so far. Looking better with each rock laid Rod!

Mark starting the 4th road bridge job with the primer.

Brian busy down his hole.

A finished signal post. Bran asked me to take a picture of one done, print it out, then laminate it so he could have it by him as he work, so he knew what he was doing.

The Primer all wet. Tea time next job as it dries.

A warm job Dave myself and Mark laying the roofing felt on the top.

Looking the part now. Mark Dave and now joined by Allan. We was asked if we did shed roofs. We said only if they have tracks laid on them.  




Sunday 23rd

Overcast awaiting the rain to come as forecasted. (It did come at dinnertime) Not many lads on site working. Dave Mark and Chris joined by myself worked on the SM 32 track levelling it up. It looked like the lads last Tuesday had done a fair bit of work looking at this project and the pond water fall. Peter and John were making a start on cleaning the high level track in the station area ready to be pointed. It was suggested to them that they remove the mortar and ballast in the winter and make it look like new.
A new member Steve was running his loco a Sweet Pea.

Not sure if Chris or Dave is waiting for a pint at the bar!

Steve on route going around in circles. 

Steve with his Sweet Pea designed engine.

Peter making a start on removing the  loose bits along the edge.

I also found Brian working away hiding up the top corner.


Tuesday 18th

Not many members at Balleny Green today, and those that were on site were carrying on with existing projects, so little of interest to photograph.

Garry brought the Society's new SM32 locomotive for a trial run. It ran well, and looks good. All we now need is some rolling stock for it to pull!

The Society's new loco - Criccieth Castle - on trial run

Dave M, Allan D and Colin working on the SM32 baseboards.

Garry & Chris have now fibreglassed the baseboards and trimmed the edges on the first few panels.

Allan D working on the baseboards. Dave M and Allan L have obviously been distracted!!




Sunday 9th

What a wonderful day sun out shining all very nice for todayís birthday party.

Brian! You guessed it laying bricks, he asked why do I photograph him laying bricks. I said thatís what you are doing when I take the photo! They do look smart around the signal posts Brian. Chris and Eric were getting the carriages and engines out for the party along with my help. Dave and Ian were busy on the SM 32 track working under it. I also helped later on. Rod was back on his pond waterfall. Now that looks impressive. Len bought his locomotive along for us to see, this time with the tender.

Eric sent me the last 2 photos from the birthday party.

The SM 32 track is looking very good.

Rod busy on placing a large rock.

Brian need I say more!

Dave and Steve?  think about the next bit.

Len with his Princess Marina.

Not a good shot looking under the SM 32 track, where we were working  fitting the nuts and bolts.

Birthday Party

 A typical scene looking to wards the gate with a engine coming.

Birthday boy having a lesson on driving from Allan. 



Sunday 2nd


September here already! Where have the months gone? A few members on site working away doing their bit. Brian was sorting out the point motor problem from Tuesday. Yes more bricks to be put down. Chris had the Hymek out giving next weeks birthday party guests a trip around as it was the first time on site.

Mark and Bill had the hover out. Dave was busy on the SM 32 track. John had his engine out cabless! On the raised track and then the ground level.

Chris just coming back in to the station with next weeks guests.

John cabless for some reason, I never did ask him why!

Rod busy with a rock on the pond water fall.

Neil busy with the strimmer.

Look we can use a hoover, but not at home! 

Brian on the point motor bricking job.

John on the ground level track getting wet from the over filled boiler.

Rod pointing another rock in place.