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Sunday 28th    




Sunday 28th

A chilly damp Sunday morning. As I drove in the gate Stuart and John had just put up the rope light to the gate. This means we have got an event or 2 on soon! We need your help lads. Not need be all day. Chris had the North Eastern out driving around doing some test work. Bill was back on his little stool. Dave Ian & Allan D was busy filling in the Bermuda Triangle. Brian was again laying his bricks.


Dave & Allan cleaning out the Bermuda triangle ready for filling Ian checking all OK.

Chris on route.

Bill sorting out a small problem we made last week!

John slowly pointing the station on the raised level track. NO Peter today.

Brian putting the last layer of bricks on for this post. He is getting the hang of it now. No cup or drawing needed.

Ian picking a few bits back out after emptying some of the rubbish bag back in.

The Bermuda triangle all done.




Tuesday 23rd

A misty, murky, damp autumnal day, with just a nucleus of members on site. Grenville was at his usual task of mowing, whilst Steve was busy with the leaf blower and leaf collection - there were a lot of leaves, and a lot more to come! Rod and Roger were again busy with the waterfall feature, and Bill, assisted by Ossie, was working on a point motor in the station, among other tasks. Mark B did some retification work on the Great Northern diesel, assisted by Allan L, and then they both  worked on the lighting posts for the Warley stand. Garry, Dave M and Allan D were busy painting and laying SM32 track on the Warley stand baseboards, assisted after lunch by Mark D.

Steps built by Dave M, Allan D and Mark D last Sunday

Bill and Ossie working on the station point with ROC in attendance!

Allan D busy with the paint roller.

Steve and Dave S on leaf clearing duty.

Allan D and Mark B trial fitting a lighting stanchion.

Dave M and Allan D busy tracklaying.

Mark D testing out a new 'cuff pipe' fitted to his loco.

Mark's loco and coaches really running along our version of the Dawlish sea wall!!



Sunday 21st

A misty October  morning as I arrived on site. Chris told me ticket sale were going OK He told me Bonfire night only 100 tickets left. Plus he would like more in the afternoon on the second Sunday Santa. Mark and Dave was busy slabs by the steaming area on the SM 32 track helped by Ian and later Allan D back from Germany. Brian was busy as normal laying bricks in a new hole. Rod was busy pointing one of the rocks on the water fall. Bill was busy fitting a L E D  to a little box on a little stool. Peter was busy doing a bit of pointing on the raised level track.


Mark and Dave making room for a few slabs.

Rod with is rocks

Just need the fishing rod Bill

Brian deep in thought after the long walk to his post.

See Peter this is where all the photos end up. Check regularly you're on here.

The slabs after the lads have finished. Looks good three sprit levels and a sledge hammer. 



Tuesday 16th


A blustery, dry day, with sunny periods. Only a few members on site today, all busy with their various projects. Bill and the rest of the hort. team were busy felling a tree, and pruning others in preparation for Bonfire Night, whilst Mark, with Allan L, Chris and Dave S were busy working on the SM32 layout. John and Peter steamed and tested Speedy.
Dave M and Garry were busy in the marquee setting out the stand for the forthcoming Warley Model Railway Show.
After lunch, Garry set up a photo shoot for the cover of the leaflet to be handed out at the Warley Show, and then, with all the remaining members spent, the rest of the time watching/operating a couple of trains on the almost completed (just needs a few more lengths of track in the steaming bay) SM32 layout.


On Tuesday John and Peter got Speedy running, Lots of work on the water fall. Likewise the 32mm track has made excellent progress. Garry and David were getting the track screwed down on boards ready for the NEC in November.

Editor   Sm32 page has lots more photos taken today. 

Peter and John steaming Speedy

Allan L and Mark allegedly laying track. No ordinary idiot can do this!!

A shot the late Dave Palmer would have love to see. G1 3 1/2"g,   5"g,  7 1/4"g all running at BG.

Not 4 candles 4 tracks in place.

The Bermuda Green  triangle.

  Crickieth Castle and goods train.

Peter and John with Speedy.

Roger working on the pond.

Dave and Garry making a start on the NEC exhibition stand for late November. 






Sunday 14th

October and the sun is still shining well making it pleasant to work outside. Mark and his trusty gang minus 1. (Allan D in Germany) worked well today. Hope it meets with your approval Allan we know you will be checking our mornings work. We would have done more but we ran out of the little screws. (Garry!!) Stuart and John was busy on some light fittings, not sure what for. Peter was putting the water pump back on the club loco Speedy. Brian Well! I think he has got lonely so he joined us laying brick on a wall. I think Mark was going to try a full lap with the club locomotive after dinner as we have got a full circle laid now.

Sunday after lunch steam up first successful run.         Lots more photos to see Click here.

With the weather still in our favour and a few extra pairs of hands we completed joining up the running lines, running out of screws on the last piece of track! I had gone down prepared with stock and loco, so after dinner we had the first run round the layout with a steam loco which went really well. Its a great credit to all who have put the effort in since we started the project back in April. There is still plenty of work to be completed to finish the project off but its nice to have it up and running. ( Guten tag Alan D hope you get chance to have a look on line )


Dave Mark Eric and Chris, Ian just out of shot to the left.

Mark putting yet another little screw in. With Dave holding it in place.

A look along the top Mark getting close to the final piece to make a circle.

Mark and Eric just putting in the little screws in the full circle lap.

Brian working away on his wall. Perhaps he has got fed up putting the brick in a hole. 

A view standing on the raised track looking over this morning work.

Two more track to be put in.

Sunday After lunch Steam Up First Successful Run.

Many thanks to Mark and Ian for the photo update.

Coming up the inside loop.

Roundhouse Engineering Russel on the triangle.

Please check the main SM 32 web page for more photos



Wednesday 10th

Following a successful day with the completion of the fibreglass covering of the SM32 baseboards on Tuesday 9th , a small group, comprising:  Dave M; Mark; Chris and Garry; decided to continue on Wednesday with the aim of trimming the edges of the baseboards, and undercoating the prior to attaching the felt.

Work started at around 09.30 and by 1.30pm, most of the baseboards had not only been undercoated, but also covered with felt.

Allan D assisted after lunchtime, resulting in the complete layout being felt covered by 3.30pm.

A good day's work.

All that is now required is tracklaying.

Mark busy with the blow torch.

Dave undercoating the baseboards. His mother always said he would be an artist!

Almost complete.



Tuesday 9th

Lots of activity today the lads finished the fibre glassing and we plan to go down before Sunday to trim it up and lay more felt whilst the weather is with us.

I need a caption for this photo. Answers on a postcard to "The Tuesday working party @scmes"

 Rod and Roger building up the waterfall. 

 Fibre glassing almost complete.

 The trackwork has extended to the passing loops The clubs new 16mm loco out to test the track.

 Fibreglassing completed.

 Just the edges to trim and lay the felt.



Sunday 7th

A sunny warm morning bought out all the lads for the first Sunday steam up. It was very pleasant chatting to the lads and see their engine out in steam. I heard two visitors had driven up from London to see our little get together.

Rod was busy placing a few rocks on the pond waterfall. Brian! Was putting planting yet another post. Peter was busy doing some pointing. The rest of the lads where enjoying themselves.

The roofing felt has got this far so far. Rain stop play I was told.

Rod busy with the mortar again.

Looking good Rod.

Bob and John getting steam up Dave and Graham chatting to one of the visitors.

Brian has had a relapse moving backwards around the track planting  a post

By the way, Water's cold and wet in here!

Peter pointing the station area raised level track.

Mark doing some oiling before lighting the fire on his B1 "Bongo"

Allen just about to lift his Jessie loco up to the high level steaming bay.

Dave with the other visitor.

Bob just leaving the station with his King Arthur.

Bob on the left. Brian on the right checking to see all the signal posts are in the correct place.

Dave with the two visitors.

Brain checking and thinking I need to do this one!

Allan after some "lean back bacon" on his Jessie.




Tuesday 2nd

The base boards now covered in roofing felt and looking really good have had the first track laid on them.
Once the final fibre glassing is completed we can follow round with the felt and lay the passing loops then complete the circuit. 
Alan L has been trying out a wire fence along the edge to protect anything trying to make a leap off the edge to the ground.

 Track laying starts on the newly covered base boards.

 Alan experimenting with a fence to run along the edge of the track.

 The first train on the new section.

The freshly laid track coming off the wall.

The Earl rounds the bend to the limit of the new track.