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Saturday & Sunday 24/25th


To see more of the exhibition set up and stand please See the main page

The Friday setting it all up.

All ready for the doors to open.

The door must have opened.




Sunday 18th

A very pleasant November morning. I heard yesterday's steam up went very well Pity no one send photos in for the WHY page. Not much work being done on site today apart from Eric trying his new toy out. We had two visitors from the evening class in the area Chris and Malcolm. Malcolm had bought his 32 mm engine to try on the new track we have. The lads were also busy doing some paper folding in the club house for the NEC show.

Eric with his new toy

Malcolm with his 32 mm engine and wagons.

The origami class in full swing folding the give outs for the NEC show. Mark & Mick busy on brake cable.



Saturday & Sunday 10/11th

You may have guessed by now we had our annual Bonfire Night Party last night I have many of photos of the setting up and some of the event. These will be on there own web page later.

Sunday 11th  A bright sunny morning as it was Saturday as well. Not many on site Peter and John were / had tidied up possible helped by others. Dave was cleaning under the carriage lift and putting the main supports back in place. Pip came back to collect his tubes and rocket launch pad.

The new bonfire all done.

Just look what some did to our master piece.

Ashes to ashes dust dust and not much left for us to shift.

The lads have done a bit more on the pond. 




Tuesday 6th

A cool autumn day with only a few members on site again today. Most of the members were involved with erecting temporary fencing  or leaf collecting in advance of Bonfire Night on Saturday. Dave M, Allan D and Garry were busy working on the exhibition baseboards which they completed before lunchtime, and then they, together with several other members, removed the marquee cover to avoid firework damage on Saturday. John and Peter, assisted by both Mike Bentley and Mark B tested out the braking system on all carriages and brake trucks, and made repairs/adjustments as necessary.

The fencing team.

Allan showing a pole round the grounds!! ( I thought he was suggesting the pole dancing could go over there)



Sunday 4th

A cold Sunday morning. All hope next Saturday is not as cold. But it did warm up and bit with a bit of sun shine. A lot of the fencing has been done last Tuesday to make next Saturday easier. The lads were having a bit of a steam up Sunday. Steve W had done a lot of work on his loco and was very pleased the result. Rod had his engine in steam on the raised track. Else where Eric Dave John were sweeping up leaves to make it easy and better underfoot. 

Sorry to say the quality of the photos is poor to day. It was cold.

Rod and his Southern engine.

Steve just leaving the turn table. On what was Bills Engine.

Steve at speed !!! if you believe that fine.

Rod at speed as well!