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Tuesday 29th

Another dry day, somewhat cloudy, and a little cooler than of late early on, but the temperature rose dramatically after lunch when the sun finally came out.
A good deal of work was completed today: Eric mowed the grass - and some of the pool netting! - whilst the rest of his team were busy with rotary mowers and strimmers; Roger and Rod were continuing work on the waterfall which is now taking shape nicely; Stuart and John fitted a gate at the entrance to the footbridge, Mike and his team continued their work on the raised level track; and David M, Allan D, Allan L, Mark D, and Garry completed the SM32 retaining wall and started concreting the trackbed sub base. Chris did a superb job of keeping the latter team's thirst quenched on a regular basis!

A plea to the 'observer corps'!

In filling behind the facing wall.

The completed wall looking towards Pool Junction.

Concreted sub base for SM32 track.

The waterfall now taking shape.

John and Peter infilling the raised level track.

The gate at the entrance to the footbridge.





Sunday 27th

A very sunny day just the same as yesterday for our Spring Steam Event. Please feel free to have look at the page for that event. Today Sunday there were not many members on site due to yesterdays long day 9 am till 5 pm plus Mark Dave and myself were making rocks with a big sledge hammer. Not a good chose of job on a warm day.

Mark swing the sledge hammer.

Dave putting some hard core in the space to check the heights.


Tuesday 22nd

A good number of members on site today, working hard in the brilliant sunshine - over 24 deg. C.
Eric busied himself with the strimmer while Grenville did some weed killing. Allan L was busy with Ossie and Bill fitting a new type of track sensor at the exit of the tunnel, and then went on to assist Dave and Mark B with GEORGE.
Roger and Rod spent the day working on the waterfall feature, and now have a lot on the base rocks etc. mortared in place. Mike and his team were continuing work on the raised level track.  Brian was working with Bill on the raised level signalling while Dave M and Garry spent the day building the retaining wall for the SM32 layout.
Garry has since completed the painting of the raised level steaming bays and the turntable and the project is now complete.

Progress on the SM32 retaining wall looking towards the pool.

SM32 retaining wall from pool end.

John and Mike busy on the raised level track. 

The latest type track sensor in situ.

Turntable and raised steaming bays now fully painted.

Waterfall progress.




Sunday 20th

A pleasant Sunday morning out. With the regular few members doing their bit. Mike, Peter, John Cope on the raised track. They have a had a locomotive around the raised track and said it was very smooth on the newly laid section. Brian was lying down on the job as was Garry. Mark Bradley was busy doing the turn table life electrics. John was fitting the galvanised hinges to the new gate.  Eric has made a new duck house for the pond.

I have been emailed. At the close of 'play' Mark had completed the turntable electrics so the turntable now raises automatically to the correct height for the steaming bay to which it is aligned.

The new duck house awaiting planning consent from our local council so it can be fitted in place.

Mike and John busy replacing fishplates where they have broken or missing.

Mark busy fitting a gismo so we can hit a button and it will lift up to the correct height. To give us time to chat and not hurt our finger holding the button.

Brian lying down on the job drilling some holes for a box to be fitted. We did check to see if he had nodded off.

Garry was not a sleep we could here him cursing at the cables not fitting.

Garry having a steam test on his 3 1/2" Britannia locomotive. Some running for cover as I was about taking photographs.




Tuesday 15th

The regular teams were at work today and a lot was achieved.  Mike and his team completed the renovation of the raised level track and tried a passenger car around the complete circuit, in a heavy downpour, whilst Roger and Rod did a lot of earthmoving to create the waterfall feature which is now starting to take shape. Allan L was busy adjusting a point in the station throat and then went on to assist David S and Mike Brophy dismantling the work truck which was occupying valuable space in the carriage shed.  Eric and Grenville  were mowing and Dave M, Allan D, Garry, Mark D and Chris were busy laying the second course of bricks on the retaining wall for the SM32 layout. Mark B busied himself fitting the control box for the turntable. Bill was again busy installing ducts and running cables for the raised level signalling. Work was curtailed at around 2-30 by a very heavy hail storm with thunder and torrential rain. 

Mike Sent this in for the track project page, as there were no photos I have included it here

Work today was firstly to straighten the track, as once screwed down we noticed a couple of slight bends. Len went home for some clamps that helped us in this.
Levels were checked again. Lots of missing 4 BA nuts and bolts replaced and broken insulated fishplates replaced.
We ran a truck round to check the track this has shown up some remedial work yet to do. But the track is almost there.


View of second course of bricks on retaining wall for SM32 layout.

View of SM32 retaining wall from opposite direction.

The waterfall taking shape.





Tuesday 8th

Tuesday 8th The weather today was a distinct improvement on the last few days, and allowed a fair amount of work to be carried out.  Eric and Grenville spent the morning cutting the grass, whilst Roger was working on the waterfall project.  Dave M and Alan D spent some time chipping mortar off the concrete blocks which are to form the base of the retaining wall for the SM32 layout. Garry brought his 3.5" Britannia for a hydraulic test which was carried out by Neil and Dave S, after which he went with Dave M to collect some more concrete blocks, sand and cement. Dave, Alan and Garry then spent the rest of the day laying the blocks. Allan L spent the day on various projects, including test driving GEORGE once Mark B had fitted its batteries. Mike B, together with John C and Peter continued work on the raised level track, which was fully connected by the day's end.  All it now needs is aligning before running can once again take place.
The Hymek was found to have no drive on the leading axle, and on removal, it was found that the pinion on the motor had moved backwards, causing the teeth to go out of mesh. The pinion then acted as a milling cutter and cut 50% of the tooth face of the Delrin gear away. The assembly was taken off site to Garry's workshop for rectification.

Garry's Britannia after a successful hydraulic test.

Dave and Alan removing mortar from blocks to be used on SM32 layout retaining wall

.Dave unloading sand and cement from Garry's van.

Allan test driving GEORGE.  Perhaps we should fit some stirrups!!

GEORGE's chassis

Roger working on the waterfall.

Raised level track group at work - well one of them anyway!

  1920 - Dave and Alan infilling the blocks with rubble.

The completed 1st course of bricks for the SM32 layout retaining wall.

Overall view of the completed 1st course of SM32 retaining wall.

Damage sustained by gear on Hymek front driving axle.



Sunday 6th

The sun was out shining well this morning. We had a fair few visitors come along for a train ride or three possible even more. Dave had his loco out in steam today. The Jubilee was got as well which was driven by myself. Mike, John Cope, Peter, was busy on the track. Mark and Allan were busy digging for softer soil! Rod was moving soil about on the new water fall.

The raised track gang having a good go in the warn sun.

Chris driving the Hymek with some visitors.

Rod moving soil from point A to B not shown on the photograph.

How the new wall is going to be constructed.

Chris been taken for a ride this time.

The new cutting taking shape I believe it was hard stuff.  Clay! Left over pond puddling  clay lining lads!!