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Tuesday 27th

Eric's Photographs





Tuesday 27th 

What a beautiful day - not a cloud in the sky and 20+ degrees - just right for a bit of hard work!!

Roger, Rod and Dave were busy all day removing more vegetation from the pond, Eric and Grenville started by removing a bush which was in the way of the SM32 railway development and then went on to leaf collecting, Bill and Ossie were busy on signalling matters, Mike Brophy was busy with sensors, Allan L was busy with his diesel project, and Garry, assisted by Allan D, Dave M ( after he had completed his steam test), Jim Hill and later by Chris, spent the day digging out the area between the raised level and ground level tracks.  

Eric Emailed a few photographs in as well. Click here to go to  them

Dave Osborne studying the 4QD instruction manual.

Bill and Ossie working on the signalling installation.

Dave shrouded in steam.

Eric and Grenville collecting leaves.

The pond team hard at work.

The result of Garry's team's hard work.

Eric sent these few photos in to day




I take it that this was taken before the tea brake.

Garry taking a photo. Lookout for the other away round photo.

To stop Garry setting fire to the leaves Grenville has done it for him! The correct way.




Sunday 25th Birthday Party

Still only March OK the end bit but it feels and looks like June. We had a private Birthday party today for James. At the end of the party James got to dive the refurbished Hymek locomotive Gorge Weedon. Very sorry I did not take more photos of the other locomotives running Garry, Peter, Mark, Chris

Daffs all coming out in flower

Graham on route up the hill

Looking down off the temporally closed footbridge.

Looking in the busy station.

Graham again with a full load after the trip.

James getting a lesson and drive of Allan


Tuesday 20th

Work on existing projects was ongoing today, which was fine, and quite warm. The air was also 'humming' with the aroma of the manue being liberally spread by the local farmer on his fields!
Stuart and John were completing work on the new gate, whilst Rod, Dave B and Roger were busy paddling in the pool - they claim they were working clearing the vegetation, but we think they were really playing. Pity they forgot their buckets and spades!!
Bill was busy with adjustments to the signalling system, while Allan L was working on the new (sorry, rebuild ) of George's 0-4-0 diesel locomotive.
Garry was busy with Dave M re-assembling Roanoke. Eric and Grenville couldn't resist getting the mowers out for a trial run. Peter R and John C continued with the raised level track, assisted after lunch by Mike B.

Roanoke's cab showing the new access panel cut into the rear and the wiring loom.

The pool clearing team at work.

The Hymek being unloaded from Garry's van.

The Hymek 'on shed' in the NE corner.

Roger and Rod receiving instruction as to how to hold a cup of tea with one hand in pocket!!

Now where can we put this?



Sunday 18th

We had a good shower of snow this morning, not to mention the rain. Not many lads on site today. I was the 6th one. Brian and Mark arrived as did Stuart. Stuart ask me to do a bit of welding for the new gate. Brain and Mark set about planting two more signal post for the raised track. Mark B arrived later in the morning.

The new gate is looking more like a gate.

Another shot of the gate. When it is closed like this it will allow members of the public over the tunnel.

One of the newly furbished signal posts has been planted.

Brian and Mark checking the hole for the next one.

Brian is working well on his community service order we have set up.

Mark fitting a newly furbished signal head to a new post.



Tuesday 13th

A respectable number of members on site today, all carrying out various tasks - Stuart and John W continuing with the installation of a new gate, Chris sanding the turntable decking prior to coating with resin, Ossie installing height sensors and brackets to the turntable, Mike and his team continuing with the raised level track project, Roger, Rod and team continuing with the pumping out of the pool and removing and filling in the stream whilst Mark B and Garry were busy re-wiring Roanoke.
At the end of the day, the turntable decking had been coated with resin on one side, and Roanoke had been successfully started and the wiring proved. The cab is now in Garry's workshop to have a removeable panel manufactured and fitted to the rear of the cab to give better access to the battery and fuses etc. It will hopefully be back on site next Tuesday.

Chris and Ossie working on the turntable.

Stuart and John working on the new gate.

Re-positioned battery and new wiring on Roanoke.

The stream has now been filled in.

Raised level track beams now all back in situ and track temporarily laid.

Refurbished raised level signal post installed by Mark D and Brian.


Sunday 11th

The weather was very welcoming and warm this morning. Three lads where having the locomotive boiler test. All past by the way. Stuart and John are making a new gate to close off or open the area up to gain access over the tunnel to the inner grass area. The pond is slowly being drained. Brian and Mark are checking all the carriages.

The lads all having a boiler test today.


Stuart and John making a new gate.

Sorry about the netting It did not look too bad on the camera screen. 

Dave's Loco past it's test. So has Lens to the left of Neil.

John Engine in the foreground, then Lens and Dave's  to the right.

Brian and Mark are checking the carriages.

John on Pandora.

Chris on Pandora. 



Tuesday 6th

A lot of activity around the site today, a dry, sunny, cool day.

Mike B and his team - Peter R, John C, John R and Chris were busy replacing more concrete beams on the raised level track, while Allan L was busy in the NE corner working on the 0-4-0 diesel. Dave M and Allan D initially had the surveying equipment out to check the head height for the pump to drain the pool, and then were busy in the NE corner machining buffers for the diesel.

Mark D and Brian busied themselves with Roanoak, having found that the battery was scrap. A new one was fitted - with difficulty - but when wired up, a puff of smoke was seen, and a lot of the wiring insulation was seen to be burned. This resulted in a complete cab off and a decision to completely re-wire the locomotive - it needed it anyway!

Mark B and Garry are to ascertain what will be required in the way of new equipment on Wednesday 07/03.

Garry, assisted by Dave S. spent most of the day re-gauging the first point at Pool Junction, and renewing a checkrail on the second point, after which, Garry, assisted by Peter R and Mike B made a start on removing the raised area of ground immediately after the footbridge.

Rod, Roger and Grenville started by unloading 1+ tons of granite from Garry's van for use on the forthcoming waterfall feature, and then set up a pump, kindly loaned by Bill, and commenced the pumping out of the pool.

David Osbourne brought the superb body he is building for the 0-4-0 diesel which was much admired.

Thanks Garry, Mike & Eric, you have been busy with your cameras a well.

Allan D practising his position as a feature above the site of the waterfall!

Look! A shark! I can't see anything through this telescope!!

New’ rock’ fetched by Garry, being unloaded.


The pile of rocks which will be used for the waterfall.

Mark and Brian working on removing the old battery on Roanoak

The new body for the 0-4-0 diesel, fitted onto the new frames.

Mark and Brian before the smoke signals went up!

The new check rail - on the left - fitted by Garry and Dave S.

The aftermath of Mark and Brian's efforts!!

The start of the removal of the raised area of ground at the station exit.

Garry and David strengthening points at Pond Junction.

Part of the pond draining operation. Big net to catch a few goldfish!!

Garry and Peter ending the afternoon by removing a hill  and finding a mole run -  I operated the barrow.

Roger talking to Grenville and Rod talking to Dave about the work on the pool.          




Sunday 4th

A steam up day on the calendar, The only steam I saw this morning was from the cups of tea and coffee. Rain called the steam up off. Not many lads about today. Dave was busy on the lathe. Brian (still on report) had found a post that needed a bit of welding done on. So I had to do that for him. Mark was busy on the brake truck. Neil was doing a bit of surface grinding for another member Peter.

Neil working on the surface grinder.

 Dave still turning the new buffers for the loco rebuild! OR a new loco with an odd old bits added to it!

A brake truck on it end for maintenance. The brake gear has been removed.

What's is this, have I got a new apprentice with a camera. We need to have a chat Mark.