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Tuesday 26th

Only a few members on site today, which was mild but cloudy with outbreaks of quite heavy rain.

Garry arrived later than usual with Allan Leary and a van heavily loaded with pavers and decking from Allan's home.

This was quickly unloaded by most of the members on site: Bill, Allan D, David M, Stuart, John W and Colin.

Mike B was busy on the raised level track assisted by Peter, both of whom later assisted Bill pulling wires through for the raised level signalling system. Eric was busy with puncture repairs to the mower. Allan L helped Ossie fir a new sensor at the exit of the tunnel while Rod continued unaided installing rocks for the waterfall feature which is now beginning to take shape.

High Level Track. report from Mike.

Today, being showery, we decided not to carry on with ballasting but to concentrate on wiring. We put in numerous connectors that bridge the fishplates. These ensure a good circuit is made for the signalling system. We also removed quite a lot on the old cable that hung below the beams. In the end rain put us off. Peter and I had a good day and Bill got the signalling system up and running.

The track seems fine to use now. Still a ‘work in progress’ project.

Picture shows the unloading of pavers from Garry’s van. Lots of hard work for everyone moving them to the NE corner.

Garry's van loaded with pavers and decking.  Quite a load!

Mike catching them all hard at it unloading it.

Mike making sure they are working hard with a close up.

2 lads won the sweep, Dave M and Eric clearing rubbish from under the footbridge.

Bill sitting down on the job again!

Ossie and Allan installing a new sensor, urged on by the Observer Corps!

Progress on the waterfall.



Sunday 24th

I arrived on site at my normal time. The sun was shining and it had bought out a few locomotives. I thought it was a steam up Sunday. The Earl was out in steam again after a few little problems. The Earl has gone home with a few little problems. The Club Speedy was out been steamed up by David M. This engine bought back some memories for yesteryear for me. The late Barry Wincott taught me to drive a steam locomotive on this engine. From getting the engine out the shed to oiling it up firing it up running it, to cleaning and putting it away at the end of the day. Please take note if you want to learn to dive a club locomotive someone will teach you in the same manner.
I also recall six bonfire nights running the Speedy on the raised track with Barry two laps stop fill up, blow up and off we go two more laps.
Also running today was Rod on his new engine Mark was on the Earl. Steve K had his locomotive for hydraulic test. Other club members where on site making it a very pleasant morning  running steam engines.


Steve K locomotive waiting for his hydraulic test.

Rods New engine 060 Southern Engine.

The Earl with Mark in the seat driving. I had a good drive very nice as well.

Rod on route some where.

Brian driving the Earl. Mark and Brian have been  sorting the little problems out on this club locomotive. Keep it up lads.

David M just leaving the station on the first lap.

Mark busy, Not quite the full size loco Mark.

David M getting to grips with a small loco.

Rod on his first time on the ground level track.

Rod coming back in to the station.

 Steve having a go with 'The Earl'

 Steve having a go with 'The Earl'

 Mark having a go on Rod's Maxitrack R1

 Steve finds out where the water goes on 'The Earl'

 'The Earl'

 Steve saying a quick prayer before a lap with Speedy.



Tuesday 19th

A cloudy but warm day with only a few members on site. Eric was mowing as was Ron. Mike and his team were continuing with the raised level track refurbishment, whilst Dave S was conducting a steam test on Grenville's traction engine. Garry, assisted by Dave M and Allan D were busy replacing the 5" check rail on the point adjacent to the level crossing in an attempt to prevent Garry's class 45 derailing.
The check rail was successfully fitted to the correct dimensions, but the loco still intermittantly derailed. Springing on one axle was ultimately found to be the culprit.

Meanwhile, Rod was busy clearing vegetation around the waterfall area, and Chris, later aided by Mark Bradley after he had completed a hydraulic oil change and various maintenance adjustments to Great Northern, cut off the screw jacks to length for the SM32 project and drilled and tapped the wing nuts for height adjustment of the track baseboards.
Dave M, Allan D, Mark D and Garry then installed the final walling blocks at the junction on the SM32 layout. Not a bad day's work!

Mike has sent some photos if for today as well as some for the evening traction engine night.

On Tuesday David Osborne, John Rous spent the day cleaning up and ballasting sections of the raised track that were in need. There is still patching to do and a long length of the track we reinstated. Thanks to Bill we have now connected up the track to the new signalling system – still a bit of wiring to go and checking on old track joints.

We had a good day thanks to the hard work of my team and the support of other members. The track is ok to use but would not want it heavily loaded until all the ballasting is done.


Grenville's traction engine during its steam test.

Ron cutting the grass.

Eric tail sliding round one of the copses!!

the new lengthened check rail on the 5" gauge track. 2nd check rail from right.

Brickwork at junction on SM 32 track bed.

Mark and Chris appear happy at their work.

Traction Engine Night

Woops not a T /E Allan

That's it Allan have a carrot.


Tuesday 12th

Only a few members on site today, hence little to report. Grenville brought his traction engine for a hydraulic test, and Garry his Britannia for a steam test. Both passed. Dave M and Mark were busy planning and marking out the SM32 layout which was complete by the end of the day. Roger was busy tidying round the edges of the pool.

Picture of the raised track following a days work from John Cope, John  Woolley and me. Quite a length ballasted using our mortar gun to slide mortar under the rails. This helps a bit with what is a very time consuming job. Also notice following lots of connecting up and muttering Bill has the signal lights on.

The other pictures show the results of David Moseley’s hard work, with the help of his team, on the new track. Please note bailer twine will be used to suspend the track between the stakes.

 Grenville's traction engine undergoing its hydraulic test.

Please note bailer twine will be used to suspend the track between the stakes.



Sunday 10th

We had a private party booked in for today. The weather was wonderful. The lads have got  Jim Balleny's locomotive back in to steam ticket. Mark was the main lad sorting it out Neal passed the steam test and can be seen driving it. Betty also had a drive. The party went very well- All grown ups playing trains. Never too old to have a birthday party -we cater for any age and still have some free dates  for this year.

Neal  saying that there is more paperwork to do  It has passed.

Neal having a drive on the incomplete raised level track.

Betty driving Jim Balleny's locomotive. Sorry the photo is not too good-doing  two jobs eating my dinner and using the camera!

Birthday boy having a drive at the end of the day. Very sorry I did not get birthday girl driving George. 


Tuesday 5th


Today we have been working on ballasting the track that was taken up. We have bought a pointing gun for packing mortar under sleepers to support track. In the two pictures you can see our experiment in action where we have used two lengths of hardboard and clamps. This enabled us to build up the edges as the mortar has the tendency to flow over the edge. We will see next Tuesday how we progress.

The track if fit for light use. Would rather finish all the ballasting before heavy passenger use.

Allan and Dave checking the racing paper. as they do there work on the raised track.