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Sunday 29th

The sun was shining today. But we will keep quiet about it as we have a shower or two as well. Few lads busy to day. Eric was cutting the grass with a strimmer.  Ossie was busy on a track sensors just before the main gate. Dave M with Chris G were busy on the slabs that they put down last Tuesday. I joined in helping level the slabs off for the next gang of works to do their bit. John was trying his newly bought engine on the raised track.

Dave doing some checking.

John with his newly bought engine.

We make cakes as well look a mixer X 2.

Dave putting some extra concrete around the slab.



Tuesday 24th

Summer arrived at last, with clear blue skies and temperatures close to 30 degrees - just the weather for a bit of digging!

Eric and Grenville were busy grass cutting as usual, whilst Rod and Roger continued with the waterfall project. Allan L installed 4 more of the latest pattern sensors, assisted by Bill and Ossie and Dave S. Chris was busy in the NE corner initially cutting and drilling steel cross ties for the SM32 project. Garry was busy in the NE corner resin coating the underside of the SM32 baseboards and then he helped Allan D and Dave M installing 2' 0" x 2' 0" slabs onto which the SM32 baseboard supports will be anchored.

The two Rons were busy in the clubhouse cutting and installing the new library shelves.


Chris at work drilling 20 x 10 cross ties for SM32 baseboards.

Resin coated baseboards laid out in the sun to cure.

Brian once again busy installing pavers round a signal post.

Dave and Allan on their knees!

Ron cutting wood for the library shelves.

Rod and Roger at work installing sandbags so that concreteing can commence.

Allan feeling the heat!!

Chris given in to the heat!!

Pads installed for passing loop area.

Pads installed from wall to passing loop area.

New library shelves.



Tuesday 17th


More members on site today, a dry overcast but mild day. Grenville and Ron were busy with mowers, Mike Bentley and his team -  Peter and John  - were working on the raised level track, Brian was busy installing pavers round signal posts, Allan L was in the NE corner welding the tops onto the SM32 support posts, ably assisted by Dave S, Mark D and Mark B were busy SM32 track laying, Rod and Roger were busy working on the waterfall, whilst Dave M, Allan D and Garry were busy profiling the remaining SM32 baseboards. By the end of the day, all the baseboards were complete, track was laid along the walled section, and the first SM32 loco ran at Balleny Green. Very satisfying!


 An excellent days progress Gary, Alan D, Dave, and Chris completed cutting the wood for the decking. Alan L has made a start on welding the posts to support the decking and Myself and Mark B completed the track around the wall, the afternoon was rounded off with a test run of my Austrian Diesel. 

Next we'll try a steam loco and some wagons.

Also a thank you to Mike for a few photos all mixed in.

 There are a lot more on the SM32 page track laying and all. Click here to open the page


Brian putting in brickwork at the base of signals.

John Peter working with me putting yet more ballast on the raised level track. Will it ever end?

Strange lot of observers lurking by the pond.

Rod and Roger hard at work on the waterfall

SM32 track laying progressing nicely

Allan D and Dave M assembling SM32 baseboards

A new recruit for the Hort team!  We will not tell Eric OK lads!

Raised level track team at work, Brian at work in the background

 Kite flying failure!

SM 32 baseboards complete

First SM32 locomotive to run at Balleny Green.



Sunday 15th

The sun was shining today so summer is on the way at last! Not many lads on site to day but all where busy doing something. Len was having his boiler hydraulically tested to 225 lbs. It past all OK. Brian was busy planting bricks around the new posts that are well in flower now! Peter was busy pointing under the raised track bed, slow job he said. How was it done when it was built. The same way we said. I helped Mark and Chris cut some wood for the SM 32 track. Then we both and Dave started to look at fixing the track to the walls. I then seen slabs been moved from under the bridge to the SM 32 area.

Rod was having a drive around today after doing a bit of tinkering on his locomotive. Mike was found fixing a small but hard job small battery loco.

Lens boiler for his 7 1/4" locomotive.

Rod checking all is OK after his tinkering.

Brian dinging to plant the bricks.

One Brian  has half done.

Peters and his kit of stuff for the slow job.

Peters tamping it all down slowly.

Peter Still tamping it down.


Mike fixing the little new battery loco All the red bit and batteries had to be removed first!

Chris with a trailer full of slabs.

The slabs ready to be, you guessed it planted or in there case buried.


Mike checking all Ok. 



Tuesday 10th & Thursday 12th

Mike Bentley Tuesday 10th

What a wet Tuesday. Peter, John and I put up a gazebo so that we could work on the raised level track ready for Saturday running. The picture shows the gazebo in position which kept us dry very well. The second picture shows the join in the track that we had to move to take the kink out. Ballast, shims and screws were removed. The track held in position with clamps while we drilled then using raw plugs secured the track in its new position. Next job it to ballast all the exposed areas. We hope the track is now becoming more pleasurable to use.

Garry Tyso

Very few members on site today due to miserable wet weather. Eric and Grenville were busy cutting grass, assisted by Ron until the rain became too heavy to work. The others  who did turn up spent most of their time in the clubhouse.

Rod was busy moving rocks for the waterfall project.

Dave M strimmed round the area where the SM32 baseboards will be erected and then, with the help of Allan D started on flattening and drilling the plates which are to be used between the top of the poles and the baseboards.

They were subsequently joined by Garry and Allan L. The raised level track team did some work, eventually erecting a gazebo to protect them from the rain. Sorry, no photos.

Thursday 12th

Summer at last - at least for today. Allan D, Garry and Chris spent the morning cutting the plywood sheets to profile for the SM32 railway making satisfying progress. If the weather holds for next Tuesday, they hope to complete the job.

Track drilling I think!

First section of all weather facility for raised level track!

Profiled track boards laid out on the ground.   Are we now doing a ground level SM 32 as well ?





Sunday 8th

To day should have been our garden party. Due to the weather forecast late last week it was decided to postpone it. I was told to day that there is going to a meeting next Tuesday to look at the club diary.  The grass field was very wet so no way could we let you sit down to eat your pick nick lunches. As you will see today proves not to listen to the weather forecast. OK I drove home though a good shower.

It was supposed to be good weather for ducks.

Look at the rain in the puddle. When you find a puddle.

The SM 32 track bed with new ballast in place ready for the track.

Dave on route racing the rain clouds.

Rod busy cutting the grass around the pond



Tuesday 3rd

Very few members on site today which was mild and overcast, with showers forecast.

Garry arrived with his van loaded with the plywood decking for the SM32 railway, together with the supporting poles. He then left, with Allan D and Dave M to go to Peter Boosie's home to collect a load of ballast for the SM32 railway. Mark B met them at Peter's to help with bagging and loading.

On their return, it was decided by Mark D to concrete in the rocks at the fork necessitating more sand and cement, so Garry and Dave M went off, again, and collected it.  After lunch, Dave M, Mark D, Allan D and Garry mixed a load of concrete and laid the rocks, following which, they installed 'terramat' round the area of the new wall and infilled with ballast ready for laying the first lengths of SM32 rail.

During this time, Stuart and John were busy with the gate for the bridge, Allan L and Ossie were busy installing new track sensors, and Mark B was busy in the NE corner working on Great Northern. Brian C installed a number of pavers round signal posts, and Mike B aided by John C were busy of H & S matters, removing wooden shutters from the track edge, together with their metal stakes. Ron was busy with the mower most of the day.

A busy day for all.

Allan D and Mike unloading the basebords for the SM32 railway.

Allan D and Allan L unloading the support poles for the SM32 railway.



Sunday 1st  

Steam up Sunday, and it was indeed a good turn out by the lads. Dave had the Speedy out again Neal, Mike, and Dave himself had done some home work on some of the tired engine bits. Dave Osbourne had his 5 Jack out. Gordon Batchelor was having a hydraulic and steam test on his very impressive 7 1/4 Black five locomotive. Steve Whitson was also having a hydraulic and steam test on Bill Betts Locomotive a 71/4 sweet William which Steve no owns. There where a lot other members on site enjoying, helping. Chris had the Great Northern out giving rides to I think a club member and family. Also we have had our first feedback comment left from Derek Lee Many Thanks.


Chris leaving the station.

Peter sitting on Speedy trying his new track out. Dave and Mike looking puzzled why she is still running so well.

Peter on route chasing himself.

Dave's very nice Jack. Small problem with the hand pump. We soon sorted it.

Gordon's and his locomotive.

Steve just arrived on site. Steve did put his engine on the raised track. I took a photo. I all so deleted it.

Chris on route with his passengers.

Peter Mc on Speedy  thinking of yesteryear.