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Tuesday 31st


January 2012



Happy New Year To You All.

Tuesday 31st

About 20 members braved the cold conditions and turned up at Balleny Green, of which approximately 10 ventured out to do some work.

Dave B with Rod and Roger trimmed the laurel bushes, whilst Stuart and John, assisted by Alan L, finally fixed the end fence panel adjacent to the building.

Dave M and Alan D were busy preparing to make a water level for the raised level track, as a laser proved ineffective.

Mike B, assisted by John, laid a damp proof membrane on the tops of the concrete beam supports, and then commenced erecting the A frame to lift the track support beams back into position. Also working were Allan L, Mike B, Chris G, Dave M working in to the afternoon.

Dave Osborne brought a superb brass cab he had made for the 0-4-0 diesel to replace the very crude wooden original. He is now working on the bonnet, by adding detail to make it look more authentic.

There were five of the hort team working on the laurel hedges -- Grenville, Roger, Dave, Rod and Eric.
Dave and Grenville did the hedge cutting.
Roger, Rod and Eric worked clearing up assisted by either Grenville and or Dave when not hedge cutting.
Roger and Eric took the large amount of cuttings to the lower copse, using the tractor and trailer and dumped them.

Bill & Mark were doing some work on the signalling system.

Stuart and John W were working on the fence panel. started last Sunday the 29th with assistance from Allan L


The original 0-4-0 diesel body

Dave's superb new cab for the diesel.

Mike and John discussing their next step.

Rod and Dave B trimming the laurel bushes



Sunday 29th

After a frosty night the weather was cold on site. Not many members turned up to work. Bill was busy checking  distances between  certain points on the track. Stuart was busy making a steel band to hold the two concrete fence posts tight together. So to hold the panel in place.   

Bill with his clip board. I have asked Bill to think about doing a short article on the new signalling system. Bill said he would look into it, so watch the web page.

Bill & Chris after a short walk making more measurements.

Len having a 3 1/2" gauge Britannia boiler check.  Holding 75/78 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)


Stuart checking the steel strip is bent correctly. Recycling some of the old rail.

Stuart drilling the wooden panel to get the steel strip all the way around the two post's.


Tuesday 25th

The overnight rain cleared by 10.00am allowing members to start work. Mike, assisted by John and Peter dug out the soil around the loose doughnut on the raised level track, and after re-alignment, re-concreted it back in position.

Rod and Roger were busy pulling weeds from the pond, and have already made quite an impression, the pond beginning to look a lot more respectable. They have, however, decided that it will need to be drained to pull out all the entwined weeds and lillies, and so a pump is to be hired in the next few weeks to carry out this operation.

 Mark B and Garry were busy with wiring the turntable, and by the end of the day, the control box had been fitted and wiring completed so as to allow the turntable to be controlled from the table itself, as opposed to the push button on the column. The wiring is still incomplete as the height sensors have not yet been fitted, and a latching relay installed so that once the green button is pushed, the table will rise to the correct height. Alan L was busy installing springs to the point lever installed last week, so that the point can trail.  


Rod and Roger working on clearing the pond

Spies in the camp!

Turntable control box.

Alan L working on the point lever.




Sunday 22nd

The sun was out as were the high winds. Not too many on site working! a few others came to see what was going on.

Rod has made a start on the pond cleaning. Brian was busy fitting a plastic container. Mike & Peter where digging around a column as it was found to be loose. Not photographed are Bill Mark & myself checking the new cable for the signalling Mark fitted on Tuesday.    Please check the raised track refurbishment for today's photographs.  

Rod making a start on cleaning out the weeds.

Mike on his knees others looking on.

Brian drilling a plastic cover for the magic beam track detector.

Rod still at it with a short rake!



Tuesday 17th

A cold, frosty morning, with only the hardy - or foolhardy! - on site and working.

Dave M, Alan D and Alan L , Dave S, Roger A and assisted by others later, were working on the carriage lift in an attempt to improve the transfer from the lift to the track.  Mike Bentley was busy with Dave O. assembling an A frame and associated equipment to lift the concrete beams back into place when ready to do so. Mark Bradley was assisting Bill by wiring up adjacent to the level crossing. Thoughtful as ever, Bill even provided Mark with a fan heater!!

Garry was busy installing a point lever to operate the point on the exit from the steaming bays while Neil carried out a hydraulic and steam test on Mark Dale's 5" B1 BONGO.

Dave B and Rod  agreed to look after the pond, and give it the TLC it deserves.

A proposal to incorporate addition gauges into the raised level track was also discussed, and met with the general approval of all those present. All that is now needed is the Boards approval!!


Mark busy wiring - note the heater!

Hydraulic test being caried out on Mark Dale's B1.

Audience participation?


The gang busy modifying the track on the carriage lift. 

Steam test on Mark Dale's B1

Steam test successfully carried out. Ready for a test run.

The ultimate multi-gauge track: N gauge, 00   gauge, 0 gauge, 2.1/2" gauge, 3.1/2" gauge and 5" gauge.

Mark driving his B1 BONGO.

Point lever installed at exit from steaming bays.



Sunday 15th

Nice jack frost this morning. Not much doing today, a few lads where  cleaning the tops of the concrete where the track was. The track was bedded on cement and screwed down in place, and a new member was walked around the track with Chris.


John Busy removing yet another screw! A pair of screws every 8 sleepers which can be difficult to remove after 30 years!

As you can see the sun came out and it was nice to STAND and watch them. Peter John & Steve.

Tap Tap was no good more like a good clout was needed. Good stuff they used in places. Other place it falls off!

The new member being walked around with Chris.


Yet another screw is removed by Mark.  Mark tells me there are plans to build a 32 mm track. So when we get the go ahead I will set up another page for that project.


Tuesday 10th

An unseasonally warm day, 11 degrees, saw a good turnout of members, and a lot of work completed. Garry and Chris were busy wiring up the contacts for the blowers on the steaming bays, whilst Dave M , Alan D and Vic were busy digging out the bank to the right of the station exit in readiness for point levers to be fitted. Bill and Mark B were busy with the signalling system, and, assisted by Eric and Vic, ran a new cable from the signal box into the clubhouse for the recently installed monitor. Stuart and John were busy intalling a water supply for the tea urn under the canopy.

After a brief discussion in the clubhouse, it was decided that the only way to rectify the raised level track was to remove the track completely, and re-lay it having re-aligned the concrete supports. Mike Bentley had agreed to head up the renovation, and he was soon in action with Alan L, Dave S, Mark D, John  assisted by others, removing the track. But it did not stop there! As the photos show, not only was the track removed, but also the concrete supports - vandals!!  In all, an excellent day's work.  There is a NEW page for all the track refurbishment

 Many thanks to Eric & Garry for today's photographs.

Eric's photos below.     Click to see   Garry's photos or scroll down

Who and what are the doing? Answer on a post card to. The club gate.

Making contact in the steaming bay BANG!

Getting started on the next big job?

A start on the first section

Getting in to the swing of it .

Don't you dare!!!

That's some expansion gap.

Garry's Photos

Bill, Vic and Eric busy laying the cable from the signalbox to the clubhouse.

Chris busy with the grinder removing the anti-runaway stops from the turntable.

Dave and Alan working on the cut out for a new point lever.

Dave and Vic with near complete cut out


Sunday 8th.

The weather was nice to day and it bought out a few more members working and playing.

Len was steaming up again after sorting out a few problems on his locomotive. Something new, A  proposal to building a new track for the 32 mm gauge I have taken a few photos and you will think W H Y has he took a grass bank.  The new track is going around it. More later I am  sure it will happen.


Len with Neil looking in the cab.

Stuart fitting some water pipe for the tea machine.

The lads just checking a few heights for the new 32 mm track

The track is planned to come around this grass bank in front of the white post.

Then turn into the bank and go though a cutting around the white post signal area turning right along the wall the other side.

Pandora out the box again.

Len on his first drive of his own new locomotive he bought.

Len can drive by the way Bob was just having a chat about the water valve. John on Pandora heading back in to the station.

Len going well. The engine looks good and goes well.




1st New Years Day

Not a busy New Years Day, I been here and it been like one of our birthday parties. Ladies making tea coffee a few mince pies or biscuits and all that. The weather was just right as well.    A small video for you as well.

Len and Neil Looking at Lens new engine.

Rod and Chris having a trip out.


Neil taking Lens engine out for the first test run.

Steve K newly painted engine.

Ben having a driving lesson.

Len lying down on the job.

Allan just coming on to the track out the steaming bay.

Allan with a few passengers.

Steve and Ben just approaching the tunnel.

Ben having another lesson.

Steve on route around and around.