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Tuesday 28th

A good turn out of members today, with dry, mild weather.

The Hort team were busy laying ducting round the outside of the raised level track along the bottom of the site, whilst Mike and his team were busy refitting the concrete track support beams back in place.

Alan L was busy on the chassis of the rebuild/replacement George Weedon diesel loco, whilst Dave M was busy machining buffers. Chris and Allan D moved the quite substantial pile of coal, recently acquired for the society by Steve Whitson, down to the NE corner.

Garry was busy with Neil and Dave S having a hydraulic and then steam test for his Duchess, after which, Garry helped Mark B with the electrics on the turntable.

Mark Dale spent his time instecting/rectifying the rolling stock. In all, a very productive day.


Garry's Duchess steam cleaning the canopy roof!

The Hort team busy laying ducting.

Progress on the raised level track.

Mike and team busy discussing the next move.

Dave M machining the buffers for the George Weedon diesel.

Alan L working on the G.W. diesel chassis.

A look into the future!  32mm gauge alongside the raised level track.

Mark B busy with the turntable wiring.



Sunday 26th

A very pleasant day and it is only February more like April. We had a birthday party booked for the afternoon. In the morning Mick did a bit on the high level track. I did some welding on the signal posts someone pulled up! We know who he is now, we have put him on a warning! The two Marks replaced the battery in one of the brake truck. The Birthday Party went very well I have got a few photos as it was so a pleasant a day.

Mike busy checking the rail joints.

The lads waiting for 1 pm !

Mark & Mark working on the BT2 Brake truck.

Bob driving Grahams engine.

Peter Mc coming up the outer track.

Chris and his full train of passengers.

Chris going in to unload and reload his passengers some times with the same passengers.



Tuesday 21st

Only a few members on site working today, despite warmer, dry weather.

Rod, Dave B and Grenville, later assisted by Roger, spent the morning digging a trench and burying a duct for the raised level signalling system. Bill was busy running cables for the ground level track, and was later assisted by Grenville.

Dave M and Alan D, together with Alan L were busy designing the re-build of George Weedon's 0-4-0 diesel, and later were to be found in the workshop, Dave machining buffers and Alan L fabricating the frames.

Garry and Chris were busy installing a point lever for the second point on the exit of the station.

Rod, Dave B and Grenville busy digging the trench for ducting for the raised level signalling system.

A vandal at work. If anyone recognises this felon, please inform the chairman of the Board!!

Trenching crew still at work!

The vandal still at work! Actually, Brian removing the signal posts for rebuilding.

Bill and Grenville running cables.

Completed point lever on second point of station exit.



Sunday 19th

Not many lads on site this morning. I thought spring was coming as Mike and myself where doing some spanner work on the law mower. Oil change and straightening a few bent bits! Trees and posts jump out in front of the law mower we are told! As you can see no snow left around the site after last nights flurry. Brian, Mark and Bill where busy on the raised track signal posts. No photographs sorry they all where very busy in the wrong place.

Brian in the sun. The signal beam is giving Brian some grief I can tell you.

Mike working on the law mower.

Next change the oil filter.  Spring must be coming if we are doing this job! 


Sunday 12th

A pleasant morning not too cold. Strange to see snow on the club driveway as well! We had a long chat in the club house as there was no work outside being done. As you can see two members bought there locomotive boiler in to be checked. Peter & Bob. Later we did go outside to do some checking, on the high level track. Talk about modern technology!

Bob's 5" gauge Ajax's and Peter's 5" gauge Pug boiler. Yes there is a big difference.

The bump in the track will be removed.

Water levelling. We are using a very long pipe. Very surprising how accurate it is. 40 mm from the other end to here.  

(No work or photos for last Tuesday the 7th)



Sunday 5th

It has been snowing if you did not know! There were five brave lads, Neil, Chris, Mark, Len & myself venturing out in the warm melting snow.

Looks nice and not cold either.

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