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Boxing Day

A rather chilly morning when driving or have a ride around today.  Only the Hymek was got out. I arrived a bit late to find that there had been a few playing and doing their new  fitness program for 2013 We had few visitors as well. In past years we have been like a birthday party event. Must be the strong wine the night before keeping them all at home!  Members included as no steam about at all.

Amy's new fitness program.

Luck having ago.

Libby asking for the big boot to be moved!!!


Some visitors after a chilly run.



Sunday 23rd

A wonderful morning. As per normal Brian was working at his post. Plus a little welding job for home, We will say no more about that, except the co2 bottle is now empty and the half done jobs in my car!. Chris had the Hymek out as he was waiting for a small family how could not make the time slot to see Santa. They came to collect he presents and have a ride. Allan had the remainder of raffle prices on site waiting for the winners to collect them. 

Brian at his post.

The small family who could not make it on the day.

Click to see there small video

The remainder of the raffle prices awaiting there owners.

A price winner. So one less bottle.



Friday 21st Members Party Night

There was an excellent turn out for the Society's Christmas Party held at the village hall in Shenstone. Good food, and good company resulted in a very enjoyable evening. I attach a few photos of the evening - drawing the raffle, and a presentation to Kath for all her work as minute secretary. Those who were not present missed a good night.

We did not have a tombola this year. This is the raffle price draw taking place All Winners will be notified in due cause.

Cath receiving some flowers for the work she dose for the board meetings 



Tuesday 18th

All members on site today were busy carrying out maintenance orientated projects: Eric and his team were busy trimming hedges and removing temporary fencing, whilst Allan L and a team of helpers were busy removing all evidence of Santa's Grotto. Roger and Rod were again working on the waterfall feature. Allan D was busy cutting steel and timber to make some equipment shelves for the SM32 layout.

Garry and Mark B, together with Chris moved brake truck BT2 into the workshop to locate an air leak, and also to fit a air line filter/lubricator unit. This latter job took some time, as having sourced the air leak to the regulator unit, stripped it down, rebuilt and tested it, the unit was eventually replaced by the regulator on the filter/lubricator unit!  In addition, a small air leak was found on the compressor, but more alarmingly, an impossible air leak from an electric cable!! This proved to be a reaction between the soapy water and the flux used on the soldered joint. The filter/lubricator was eventually 'shoehorned' into the brake truck, and tested satisfactorily. Before being returned to service, the truck is to be fitted with a main reservoir drain valve, and an additional cylinder reservoir.

The hort. team in action.

More pruning! (Yes there is nothing like a good pruning on a Tuesday)

Air leak from an electric cable?? OR have they started this Friday members party early ? 

The filter/lubricator installed in BT2