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Tuesday 28th

An excellent time had by all with The Sutton Coldfield Autism Support Group.      

Thanks to Mike for the photographs.

Graham preying to the god of steam before pulling out with a full load – A total of 16 passengers on one trip.
His loco performed very well indeed (thanks to maker Stan Jones).

Chris bringing in a full happy load while Steve waits to unload.

Nice hat Mark – everyone enjoying the sun.

Marquee put to excellent use for lunch by our guests the Sutton Coldfield Autism Support Group.

The “outside bar” getting near completion. Time to order bar stools!

Graham still praying (or asleep) – even more passengers – he had a busy afternoon.

Hi Viz vests needed to remove point motor that was receiving a jolly good talking to.

Ozzy getting down to a bit of verbal egged on by Mark and Peter. Bill giving it good prodding. Are the ants to blame again?




Sunday 26th

The sun was out and stopped . Not many on site today. Rod had his engine out having a run around testing it. Brian had found yet another signal post to put brick around. Mark, Dave, Allan, Chris, and Ian were busy on the SM32 track It is coming on well I think.  

Eric has sent in a few more photos. Many Thanks.

Mark busy checking the slab with a sledge hammer.

A look back along the Sm 32 track.

Photographer Photographed . (Eric)

The junction from off the raised track to the wall area.

Mark busy Allan and Dave ready to help.

Brain just arrived at the next signal post uploading his trusty tool kit.

                 Need I say more.           

Enough Pressure if we Wait Long Enough.

Little Boys Toys.

On my Knees - well it is Sunday.

Well Earnt Refreshment.

What Did You Say!



Tuesday 21st

Thanks to Rod for sending in today's photos. It looked a busy day again.

Ron mowing the grass.   Yes Ron not Rod.

Eric off to mow the grass. I was wondering about this as he on the drive way!

Chris boring out holes helped by Mark & Allan.

Another row in place, looks good Rod.

Rod cemented the second layer of rocks in place to-day on the waterfall.

Mark & Allan waiting for the oil to rise following boring.

Mike strimming the bank.



Sunday 19th

The sun was out and very humid today. A fair amount of work been done as well. Stuart and John were fixing the station fence. I seen Peter and Allan looking and working out the top fixing screws for the SM32 track. Brian was yet again laying his bricks. He said if he knew what he was doing he would stop it. Mark was busy just past the tunnel looking in an electrical signal box. The rest of the lads had been very busy getting ready for today's Birthday party. WE had some visitors pop in from Cambridge.

Brian with his trusty tool kit hammer, barrow, level, trowel. Jack passing by.

Mark busy in the signal connection box

Dave just arrived for today's party.

Bob filling the tanks on his Speedy ready for this afternoon.

Chris with our visitors from Cambridge.

Jack with a train full of children!

Rod busy getting ready to lay another row of stone. He said that's Tuesdays job.

The visitor having a drive with Jack keeping his eye on the job.




Tuesday 14th

It looked like a very warm day at the club today. I did not go as I was working in the sun at home.

I have had a few photos in from Mark for the W H Y and SM 32 page, Many thanks

A busy scene at Pond Junction

Blink and you'll miss him.

Brian leaning on a spade.

Eric at speed on the mower.

John with his new engine.

Rod in the new waterfall.



Sunday 12th

The sun was out but very over cast rain for cast and we go some rain as I left. Mark and Steve joined by Allan were working on the SM32 track. Rod was busy on the pond job. Brian was busy put the last row of bricks around a signal post. Steve with Peter and John were busy filling in the raised track ballast, a very slow job watching them. Len bought his Princess Marina locomotive for us to see how he is progressing Bob bought his SR King Arthur for another testing.

Len's Princess Marina.

Bob's King Arthur getting up steam.

Steve K Steaming Ahead editor with his head down typing away Sorry tapping away. Peter counting the taps, John in shock they have been snapped again.

John adding the mortar for Steve to sort out and put stones on top.

Brian with his posts. He count them if he cannot sleep at at night.

Looks good Brian.

Bob on the track, not many laps as the rain came.



Sunday 5 & Tuesday 7th

MARK Dale Sunday 5th
The base boards have been tried out on the poles and the height has been set for now. Next we shall fix the poles, and bend the rail that will go under the boards for strength.

Garry Tyso Tuesday 7th
After early rain, it was dry on arrival at BG around 09.00. It remained dry all day, with the temperature increasing after lunch.
Allan L and Ossie were busy installing modified treadle type sensors incorporating a compression spring which it is hoped will cure the Achilles heal of the existing design. Rod and Roger were concreting in the waterfall area of the pond while Brian was again installing pavors round signal posts. Eric, assisted by John C., was busy transporting hedge cuttings from Bill's hedge trimming. Dave M., Allan D, Chris, Ian and Garry were busy on the SM32 layout, installing the baseboards and supports.

The base boards checked for level.

Base boards temporary on the poles

John and Eric with the spoils of Bill's labour.

Allan and Dave bolting an upright to a concrete pad.

Allan and Dave aligning the next baseboard for fixing in place.

Rod and Roger hard at work on the waterfall.

Ossie on his knees again. Perhaps we should club together and buy him a prayer mat!!

Allan L installing a modified sensor   No all will request one Garry

View of SM32 passing loop baseboards.

SM32 baseboards on approach to passing loops.