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Tuesday 24th

Mark Dale sent me some photographs for the 16mm project as well as these few  I think these are better on this page. Thanks Mark

A few pictures of what happened to-day by the Hort Team. Grenville was on mowing and cutting back a bush for the new 16 mm project. Roger and Rod were on the pond refurbishment. Thanks Rod for sending them in.

George the locomotive rebuild coming along very well.

Not to sure what content is of the old loco. Perhaps the guys involved would like to get in touch about the project.

In side the cab of the loco looking very good.

No tea stains yet.

Many Thanks Rod for these below

Yes the pool water level is rising thankfully due to the recent rain we have enjoyed. (The water is collected of the all the roofs. Club house and canopy)

The beginning of the waterfall taking shape, all the brickwork to be cemented in place.

The now unused stream filled in and turf layed with spent turf from the dug out bank.



Sunday 22nd

A typical April month sunny and rain heavy at times. Not much work been done you may think. Dave was busy removing mortar from the block they dug out the wall. The blocks will be cleaned up and put back. Peter was a having a hydraulic test on his vertical boiler. The other lads were getting ready for the Sutton Coldfield model railway display next weekend. I was busy helping Mick & Brian trying to get a cable in a ducting pipe between the odd shower. We did not get the cable in. There is a bad bend underground somewhere stopping it.

I think we are on rocky ground here. For the pond water fall.

Peter having a hydraulic test on his vertical boiler. 100 PSI on the gauge.

Len lighting the fire to do the steam test on Peters’ boiler.

Steam up. All past the test.

Dave busy chipping away.

Peter busy working on the fish plate joints on the raised track.

The ducting and cable. The hoover is to suck a piece of string through the ducting. We then tape on a good pull cord to the string and pull the string back through, then tape the cable to the cord, then pull the cord back. Simple on paper. This photo is the cable to the pull cord, first attempt. 


Tuesday 17th

After a night of heavy rain it eased off and after initial refreshment the teams got going.  Steady progress is being made on the refurbishment of the High Level whilst the more mundane but important work of keeping the site tidy and grass cut goes on around them.  

View of the work done on Sunday. Ballast has now been put down.

Bill working on the High Level track signalling and Grenville on his way round with the mower. 

Mike Bentley and John Cope working on the High Level

Work on the High Level  



Sunday 15th

A very pleasant morning to work in. As you can see we have been busy. Others working to day were Stuart and John working on the new lift electrics. No photos were taken. Peter and another John was busy laying the track back on the high level. It is not fixed down as yet. The problem is they have been cutting some off each length, so the fish plate hole needs to be re drilled. In doing so there will be a gap somewhere and they are trying to find out where and how to sort it. Dave, Brain and myself was busy digging and planting concrete beams.

The bank now removed we need to hold the ballast in place.

Two concrete beams in place. Six foot long eight inch wide HEAVY.

Brian and Mark

Peter and John sorting a joint out. This is the point where they stopped removing track
They have also been checking the tufnal sleepers replacing where needed.

Nearly done. Allan has joined us now Mark Dave all very busy and pleased how it has gone. I think they may be putting some ballast down after lunch.



Tuesday 10th

Sorry late Garry was not at the club on Tuesday. Garry did pop in on Thursday and  took 2 photographs. As you can see, the raised area between the ground and raised level tracks has almost all been removed. The second photo shows an additional sensor, of the original design with no moving parts, installed behind the clubhouse.

Thanks Garry Made up for last time.



Easter Sunday 8th

A good turn out this morning in the showers of light  rain. Mike and Peter busy on the high level track. Brian and Mark busy planting posts. Just the right weather for it lads. Stuart busy on the gate. and last but not forgotten the on lookers Mike said he counted eight at one point. I was one of them  for sure.

Mike and Peter busy with two on lookers.

Chris having a seat. The wooden pegs are the for the new project coming soon.

Bill and Dave I said I had taken a photo to as proof they had been. No idea what they where up to.

Brian and Mark planting a post Bill telling them it was facing the wrong way! Yes but the engines come from that way. Bill exit stage left.

The lads moving on the next post up by Mike and Peter.

The on lookers Sunday outing. Mike and Peter still at it by the way I was checking.


Tuesday 3rd

You cannot get the staff can you! No photographs from Garry today. I have had to pinch three off Mick from the track job.


We can see you Chris, need to do better next time.

Chris you have not got the idea if you are playing hide and seek.

Where has all that mound gone? better ask Chris.


Sunday 1st

The sun was out again today. There where a lot of members had been given passes to play with their locomotives being the 1st Sunday of the month steam up. Mark & myself did a bit of marking out on the new club project. The other lads ran their engines or where getting them into steam to run later.

The new club project will have its own page likes the Hymek and track refurbishment. I will remove the Hymek link when Mark sends the first lot of details over.  

Eric with his battery power locomotive.

Len just got up steam ready to come off shed to run.

The old club locomotive Speedy being steamed up. I learned to drive a steam engine on this locomotive by the late Barry Wincott.

Mark's and my bit of handy work Brian painting the grass, me banging the pegs in.

Speedy and Brian Butler's   2 1/2" gauge locomotive.

John with Pandora with two visitors having a ride around.

Garry with Eric's locomotive deep in concentration.

A 14XX GWR This had just come as I was leaving for home.

John and Garry posing for a picture.