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Tuesday 25th






Tuesday 25th

Just a few photo's sent in by Eric.

John C having a brief rest -- hard work using the hover on the mounds but looking good.

Allan L and David S working on the final bits of the turntable decking.

Stuart H and John W finish the latest run of safety fencing.




Sunday 23rd

Another April look alike morning dry sunny warm. Summer must be soon I am thinking. Not to many lads on site. I wonder if they gone away? Brain and Mark where busy on the new ticket office. Peter was busy recycling old ballast for the track. Dave was tidying up the very old tack bed road for new grass to be put down. John busy with the riddle machine.

Brian and Mark Up grading the ticket office to an opening window model.

Peter busy loading the gravel in to the riddling machine.

Dave busy supplying Peter with ballast.

John Checking the clean ballast Looks like new to me.


Tuesday 18th

Another dry, autumnal day, but a very cool breeze which ensured we all kept moving! Eric's team were again busy pruning trees and bushes, while Garry assisted by Chris, Dave M, Alan D, Roger A and John R were busy tidying up the North East corner by removing all the scrap steel and cable etc. This was all transported to Garry's van and trailer, and taken to the local scrap dealer where it was sold for over 300.00!! Not bad for a day's work. One of our new members, Robert Bates was busy bricking up the window of the clubhouse, and a fine job he made of it. He could have a job for life on site!! Alan L and Ossie were busy installing sensors on the points in the station, while Bill C was busy making adjustments etc. to the signalling system. In all, a very productive day.


The pile of scrap cable in the back of Garry's van.

The team of tatters with a trailer load of booty!
Editor We will never find anything now!



Saturday 15th

A number of members took advantage of a very sunny, mild - 17 degrees - day and came out to  play. First to arrive was Len with his Sweet Pea for a steam test, followed by Bill Hall with his 5" gauge class 30. Garry then arrived with his Duchess, closely followed by Graham with his American 4-4-0, Alan D with his Jinty and Alan L with his Jessie. John Copestick brought his Hunslet, and then, finally Steve Whitson arrived with his Polly. Mick Birkenshaw and family on Jubilee.

Full house on raised steaming bays.

John and Graham attending to their locos.

Alan D and Alan L's locos being steamed.

Garry's Duchess ready to be lowered to ground level.

Another view of Garry's Duchess.

Len's loco undergoing a steam test.

Bill Hall with his 5" class 30 diesel.


Sunday 16th

Another very nice morning and it is mid October. A few members where having boiler tests today. John had Pandora out the box, along time since this engine has been seen in the club. John has spent a lot of time getting it to run. It was a club locomotive which a few members all had a go at making it go. Well done John nice to see it back running around.


Bob on the left Ron? next to him, then Mark and Len.

The wood pile is getting bigger by the day. Must be bonfire night soon then !

A busy steaming area.

John with Pandora Nice to see it after so long in it box? BITS more like.



Tuesday 11th

Today was cloudy, but dry and reasonably warm at 18 degrees, and saw quite a number of members on site. Dave M and his team were busy removing and rectifying a length of track on platform 1, while Alan and Dave S were busy with decking the turntable. Eric's team were busy pruning the trees and bushes. Eric has a new 'toy' - a petrol hedgetrimmer - which Granville put to immediate use! Chis and Garry completed the fitting of 2 heat guards over the raised steaming bays to prevent the heat from locomotive chimneys, particularly when being steam tested, from damaging the canopy. After lunch, they were busy in the workshop assembling the last ground level steaming bay.

Granville busy with the new 'toy'

Alan and Dave at work on the turntable decking

Len with his Sweet Pea after a steam test.

The heat guards fitted by Chris and Garry. (White in the roof)

The almost finished job.


Sunday 2nd

Summer has got here at last. Not to many playing out in it today and it was Steam Up Sunday

Dave and Bob steaming up.

Eric has won the sweep.

Dave trying to hide in his retirement from track laying.

Bob catching a few ray of sun.

Brian steaming up on the raised track.

Mark? having a drive of Dave's engine Not his usual full size loco 12 inch to the foot sclae

Chris taking a few visitors for a trip around.