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29th Tuesday

A good turnout of members today which was dry and cloudy, but windy.

The first job for many of the members was to dismantle the marquee which had suffered damage to several fittings and roof support tubes. These items are to be replaced as soon as possible.

The remaining members spent most of the day clearing leaves - a mammoth task!

Garry and Chris were once again busy working on the turntable, this time fitting anti-runaway stops and sliding ground level track alignment plates.

Alan L and Alan D lent them a hand after lunch and fitted edging angles to both sides of the turntable, by which time, the wind had turned extremely cold, and the remaining hardy few decided to call it a day.

A badly bent marquee roof support member.

Overall view of damaged supports and fittings.

Alan L and Alan D fitting the turntable edging.

 Sliding Anti-runaway stop and track alignment plate.

Track alignment plate engaged with ground level track.

Eric Photo

Guess who's making the sparks fly?????? Answer on a post card to.



27th Sunday

There were not many members on site today probably due to the weather which started blustery with occasional showers, and then turned into a largely sunny day, but with a cold wind.

Garry was first to arrive, followed by Peter R and David M. After unloading his 4F, Garry spent some time measuring up in the turntable area for stops that are required to be fitted, while David M and Peter spent some time clearing leaves.

The gazebo which was used on Bonfire Night next to the hot potato machine had suffered as a result of the strong wind, and was removed for scrap by Stuart. In additon, two legs from the marquee were lying on the floor, and were replaced by Chris and Garry. Garry then steamed his 4F so that problems with the first crossover at Pool Junction could be identified and rectified. David M also steamed his GWR Mogul after fitting new big and little end bearings.

The first, facing, point at Pool Junction was found to need removal and rectification after the problems with it were finally identified.  The second, trailing, point was merely a check rail adjustment which was carried out successfully  

Garry's collection

A sorry looking gazebo.

Dave sweeping the leaves at the level crossing.

Peter clearing the leaves in the station area.

Chris re-installing a support leg for the marquee.

Steve making 'adjustments' to the facing point at Poll Junction, with Garry's 4F in the background.

Steve's Collection below.

Its November the 27th and we have Eric watering the grass. It is new grass by the way just been put down.

Dave getting steam up with few on lookers.

Garry about to set of in to the sun.

Garry on route.

Some grass which was laid last Tuesday. Make's it look good.





20th Sunday

There is not a problem with the camera lens it is misty today more like a proper November day. A little chilly as well. The Lads had a play day today and as you can see the damp air made driving by braille a must as they could not see in front of the engine!     Thanks to Eric for a few photo as well today.

Garry has sent some photos over to see. They are added on the end of the early photo Click here to go to them.

Several members were on site today despite the weather being damp, overcast and misty - a typical autumn day.
There were three 7.1/4"  locos - David Moseley's GWR Mogul, Alan Duckworth's Jinty and Garry Tyso's 4F, the latter two for steam tests. Len arrived to test a new 5" gauge driving truck chassis on the raised level track, and a prospective new member brought a live steam 0 gauge loco which completed 5 circuits of the raised level track on one filling of water.  The damp conditions produced great smoke effects, but did nothing for the driver's ability to see where they were going - some would say 'So what's new!!'   Click here to go to them       
2-6-0 Mogul; Bassett-Lowke Another small video

We have a small video today as well click the fire photograph below to open it. Sorry The picture below that had a fire in it.

As you can see not our normal sunny Sunday and no file left.

Garry explaining with audience.

Garry explaining.

David Salter's steamer -- our own 'O' gauge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Track we forgot about. Gauge 1 on the ground as well lads. Careful of the points and signals?

FYI... it's a 2-6-0 Mogul; Bassett-Lowke kit which cost 10 / 7shillings in the late 50's. It had not been steamed up till recently. It did a total of 5 circuits of the track (nearly 1/2 mile) on one filling of water and meths and at quite a good speed, fast walking pace so about 3mph. At 1:43.5, I make that a scale speed of 130mph and a journey of about 20 miles. Click the above photo for a short video

Dave Moseley steamed up and moving off shed.

Allan Duckworth getting steamed up.

Mark on Garry's engine.

Allan reading braille

Garry Section

Alan Duckworth's Jinty on the turntable, framed by David Moseley's GWR Mogul and Garry Tyso's Fowler 4F.

Alan Duckworth's Jinty about to be raised to a steaming bay.

Alan Duckworth driving by braille!!

Mark driving Garry's 4F

Alan looks pleased with the way his loco is performing.  At least he can see where he is going this time!!

Station scene with Jinty and 4F being serviced.

Jinty and 4f on shed.

Garry's 4F with Alan's Jinty in the background.



Tuesday 15th

An overcast, dull Autumn day, very damp and grey.  However, several members were in attendance carrying our various jobs: Dave M and Alan D spent their day under the carriage lift cleaning and checking the air lines, as it was thought that dirt in the lines was causing the lift to operate erratically; Peter Robinson assisted by John drilled out all the coupling clevises on the coaches as the clearances between pin and clevis were found to be too close, resulting in difficulties arising when coupling/uncoupling; Alan L and Dave S started by re-welding a check rail on a point at the station exit, and then went to investigate complaints in connection with the crossover at Pool Junction, again found to be check rail problems which were resolved, and then Alan L helped Garry, Colin and Chris with the anti-rotation guides on the raised steaming bays; Eric and Co were busy mowing and tidying up the remains of the bonfire.

Roger and Rod clearing the remains of the bonfire.

Anti rotation guides fitted to a raised steaming bay.

Another view of anti rotation guides showing cam attached to turntable.




Tuesday 8th

Today the weather finally caught up with the time of year - drizzle, cool and dull - a typical autumn day. Most of the members on site were busy collecting leaves - tons of them! - and erecting the temporary fencing and lighting for Bonfire Night on Saturday. Alan L was initially busy fitting a lever to the trailing point at the top of the site as this will be used on Saturday to unload the Shay. Chris and Mike Bentley were busy checking/tightening/replacing all the grub screws securing the axles to the bearings on the rolling stock, and carrying out a general check. Garry was busy fitting cams to the turntable, later assisted by Alan L, which will prevent its rotation when in the raised position once guide rails are fitted, hopefully next week. A team erected the marquee adjacent to the building, and then all those remaining on site joined a train pulled by Roanoke to establish if it could pull 3 coaches, fully loaded, in damp conditions. The result was that it could only just do it with careful driving, and even the replacement of the weights had no real effect. As a result, Roanoke will be paired with 2 coaches on Bonfire Night.

The team, not the Irish Olympic Fencing Team! erecting temporary fencing.

John and Stuart erecting the rope lights along the entrance driveway.

More fencing

Erecting the marquee.


Sunday 6th

Another April look-a-like morning, Sun shining and nice and warm. Then I turned around and saw we had a delivery of pallets for the bonfire, It's November I said to myself. Looking about today I thought we had got a rally on with all the locomotive's that where being unloaded out of cars. All club members as well. A bit of work being done by Garry and Peter Mark was busy as well. Other members where also working but not by my camera.

Bob and John C ready for a run.

Busy steaming bay scene.

How many red signals was it that you passed John??

Steve K busy with his loco.

Mark at ease with his loco.

Mark entering the station. Has the guy in the background finally pulled??

Alan L at speed behind the clubhouse.

- Don't look so worried Steve - it's fine! Honest!!

Many Thanks Garry For the above photo's


The delivery!

Garry Setting up to weld the buffer stop on.

Len with the oil can as he steams up.

Dave coming in to the station platform 3.

The wood pile again with a start on the base of the fire.

Steve the new Steaming Ahead editor.

Mark and his 7 1/4" Tich Locomotive.

Peter with a brush.

Mark on the inner track climbing the bank.


Tuesday 1st

Another dry, mild, day attracting several members to Balleny Green. Grounds maintenance were busy collecting leaves and generally tidying up prior to Bonfire night. Dave M and Alan D were busy completing the tidying up of the North East corner, and what a difference they have made! Alan L and Dave S were busy refitting the decking on the turntable after the damp weather had caused the decking to swell and jam the turntable. They had considerable advice on how best to achieve their aims, but limited assistance. Bill Coleman and his team were busy installing the new mimic diagrams, complete with push buttons and flashing blue LEDs to the route selector boxes at Pool Junction, as well as commencing installation of another signal half way up the incline on the outer track. Chris and Garry were busy installing the last steaming bay - a ground level 7.25"/5" bay - with refitting of the slabs due to take place on Wednesday 2nd. November.

New signal post half way up incline.

Route selector box on outer track.

Route selector box on inner track.

All steaming bays now installed and civil engineering complete - latest steaming bay nearest camera.

Decking now complete on turntable.

View of steaming bay area from opposite direction.