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29th Sunday

Walls all filled in and pipe been put in for a 24V electrics.

The New high level lift rails in place ready for a test.

Another post been planted!

Graham with a painting job.

New siding been worked on at the top of the field.

This is a new old siding By the station road in Our old track in road to the station.

Some one lying down on the job! Nothing new there then.

Allan Tapping the rail for a fish plate joint.

That what the lads have been doing.


15th May Sunday

The new set of points been put in on the inner track.



3rd May Tuesday

Load test on new turntable, not a flying lesson for Chris!

Chris looking for low flying aircraft or just cr....ing himself??

New WHISTLE sign sited at NE corner.

New WHISTLE sign sited before tunnel.



1st Sunday Steam Up 

Bobs New Locomotive A 5" gauge Southern King Arthur.

John's Engine getting steam up.

Another post being planted Looks a short one Brian!

Bob' engine again.

7 1/4"G  Black Five Locomotive.

Missed him