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28/29 Tuesday Wednesday.

Tuesday 28th June 2011.  The weather was cooler than over the weekend, but dry. Only a few members were on site - Eric and his crew mowing - of course, Dave M and Dave S spent a lot of time investigating the track levels from the point leading up to the turntable, as a few derailments had recently occurred in this area, Alan Leary spent a frustrating day trying to get his injector working, and failed despite trying all suggestions from many of the members. In all, he steamed his loco 5 times!  Garry and Chris removed the existing long ground level steaming bay, welded on new support legs, and dug holes to take the new legs in the revised location.


Wednesday 29th June.  Garry and Chris completed the installation of the ground level steaming bay in its new location.

Where the h..l did that go!!

Steam up - again!!

Steaming bay in position ready for concrete.

Steaming bay concreted in position.




21 Tuesday & Steam Up Evening.

I have received some more photos from Mick Bentley of this evenings event.

It will never work like a traction engine Allan! No where for the coal and water Plus it will never get a boiler ticket!



Many Thanks to Garry for the photo of the day working party and evening traction engine night.

Dave and Vic relaying point into steaming bays.

Dave and Vic attaching plastic sleepers to the point into the steaming bays.

Let there be light! Bill making a few more connections!

Alan welding a bracket to the turntable locking mechanism.

Mike filling up before a run!! It should be water and coal!

John at speed.

Small scale traction engine display.



Steam Up Sunday 5th

We have a few photos to day plus a small video as it was a steam up Sunday.

Dave's engine on the turntable.

Bob's new 5" gauge SR King Arthur locomotive.

John's engine having a steam test.

A small modified Sweet Pea.


A visiting locomotive from Market Drayton area.

Dave's on route with his family & friends.

Brian's  2  1/2" gauge loco.

The Sweet Pea getting steam up