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26th Tuesday

31st Sunday







31st Sunday

Sunday nice sunny hot day explains not many members working to day. All away on holidays.

Mark and my self busy pulling cables in for the new contacts on the lift.

Dave and Allan checking the new track panels are all OK.

Brain and Bob busy.

Brain doing a hydraulic pressure test I think for next week end steam up.

Bob clean out the fire after a successful run.

Peter doing a steam test for next Sunday I guess.

And the concrete pad with a floor on it. 



26th Tuesday

Not too many members about again today. The hort. team were without Eric who is on holiday. Roger and Dave did some mowing and general tidying up while Dave and his crew were busy rolling track for platform 2. Garry and Allan were working on the turntable which is now fitted with the electrical wiper contacts to power the turntable when it is opposite a raised steaming bay. Chris got a team together to take the marquee down, whilst Graham continued with his painting the signal box. Brian had just arrived as the writer left, and was about to commence concreting the base for the signal box at SB3.

Track panels laid out on platform 3

Repeater signal mounted on the footbridge, fitted by Brian last week

Wiper switch mechanism fitted to the turntable.


24th Sunday

A nice warm hot sunny morning. Not to many on site but more got the pass out from home to join in later on.

Dave and his crew got the track bending stuff out. Brian and his mate where busy dig out for another concrete pad. Bob had his Southern Engine sorting out again sorting a small problems.

The new concrete pad being set up.

Dave checking a rail is bent correctly.

Chris on cone duty!

The pad been filled back in.

Steve with his 2 guests on the club loco.

Bob and Len sorting out the small problem.

L & R. I was told   the A is for Ann the L & R I can not recall. But if they email me I will update their L&R.



19th Tuesday

A good turnout today with the site a hive of industry. The weather was overcast most of the time, with occasional sunny periods, but it was quite mild and dry. The hort. team were busy trimming the goat hedge while Dave M and his team were busy rolling rail for the track replacement in platform 3. Bill was busy with the signalling system, and sited pegs for the proposed relocation of the control boxes for Pond Junction, as well as installing wiring for the repater signal now fixed to the footbridge. Chris and Garry were busy with digging foundations for the next raised steaming bay, and de-rusting and cutting the angle for the supports. Allan L manufactured the track for the next raised steaming bay, complete with lift out section for narrow gauge locomotives with wide fireboxes. Mike B was working on the loco lift.

Mike B, Stan and Len debating their next move!

Graham's Mom always said he would be an artist!!

Dave, Vic and Alan D checking the rail they have just rolled against the existing track.

Chris, standing proudly by the hole he has just dug!

Dave trimming the goat hedge.

Roger and John collecting hedge trimmings.



17th Sunday

A dry warm Sunday morning with a odd shower thrown in to keep us cool. Usual lads on site Brian installing a signal on the foot bridge. Graham trying his newish locomotive out on the high steaming bay John and Peter burying yet more black pipe. Hope they know where they put it all. Chris and my self did bit of welding on the turn table lift.

Graham oiling his engine up high he loved it no bending down, A age thing I been told.

Brian drilling a hole for the black pipe to start in OR end in depends which end your standing holding the pipe. Chris having a cuppa, So was I.

Peter trying to find 1 off the end of the black pipe.

Graham's engine down low not sure why.



12th Tuesday 13th Wednesday.

Another dry, warm and partially sunny Tuesday. Not many members again today, but sufficent of the hort. team to do some mowing and general tidying up. Bill Coleman was busy trying to sort out the signalling problems that had manifested themselves over the weekend, while Vic, Peter and Alan D. were busy assembling track panels for the station area.
Stuart and John were busy turning the canopy light fittings in the area of the raised level track through 90 degrees, as some taller passengers were hitting their heads on them! Perhaps we need a loading gauge!!
Meanwhile Chris and Garry were busy digging out foundations for the second raised level steaming bay, while Allan L was busy fabricating the bay itself. The bay was finally concreted in on Wednesday by Chris and Garry.

John, Vic and Mike busy assembling a new track panel for the station area.

Peter and Alan D laid out plastic sleepers for replacing wooden ones under a point.

13th Wednesday

And then there were two! The second raised steaming bay concreted in position.


8th Friday

First raised steaming bay concreted in place by Dave M, Chis and Garry.



5th Tuesday

Not too many members again today, but those who did turn up found something useful?? to do.
The weather was cloudy and warm, allowing the hort. team to carry out some work. Dave Marchant did some adjustments to the tractor mower, while Bill Coleman was again busy around the site with clip board in hand, making notes, and then returning to the signal box to make more connections. Dave M, Alan D and Vic spent the morning fitting some edging stones near to the level crossing where the bank was tending to give way.
Chris and Peter removed some of the brick paving in the steaming bay area and dug the holes out for the first raised steaming bay, while Bill Betts steamed his locomotive in order to adjust the safety valves to raise the working pressure to the design limit of 120psi.
Alan L and Garry were busy fabricating the raised steaming bays in the workshop.
Rain at lunchtime curtailed many of the operations going on around the site, but this did not last long, and did not affect the raised steaming bay project, which by the end of the day saw the first bay in position, ready for concreting, hopefully on Friday 8th.

Looks a bit out of level to me Dave!

Bill with his loco and onlookers.

Peter and Chris getting down to it.

Alan welding up one of the raised steaming bay track sections.

Raised steaming bay in situ, awaiting concrete.