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29th Bank Holiday Monday

The weather man did not get it quite correct today, Chilly and a few spots of rain, just countable I recall.

Jack has been upgraded to a steam locomotive.

What are you driving bonfire night Jack!

A not so busy station All working on there engines!

Len at speed with his Sweet Pea Locomotive.

Allan has got his Jessie Locomotive back of Jack! Seat nice and warm was it?


28th Sunday

Another nice Sunday morning. Not too many lads on site yet again, all way on holiday I guess. Some work was done as you can see.

Chris clearing some angle for Tuesday's steaming bay work.

Dave was dinging out to put some edging  slabs in place I was helping by the way. Cannot be in the shot and taking it! working on that one.

Dave just racking it all level job done. need some grass Eric!

Peter removing the moss from the steaming bay area. We all got involved in this, some swept up some shovelling up.

Job well done look they are chatting about it!!! Next big job level all the slabs up!

Alan came in his kit car today. Based on a Citroen 2CV chassis. No glue needed. 



21st Sunday

Nice hot sunny morning. Not to many lads on site, but some work was being done.  

I was not going to tell them it was a concrete post they were watering in

The ticket office has moved to the bonfire to make way for a new one in September.

The new signal box. With the 2 switch boxes planted in there new home's (white in colour)




16 Tuesday

Today Eric finished the outside of the Pool Junction box. Fitted the gutting and down pipe, fitted and painted three new drip strips over the end window, over the door and to the bottom of the door. Then gave the drip strips, painted last week, another coat of paint --- the picture shows how it looks to far. All that is required is the door lock and handles other than that Stuart and John fitting the lighting and power sockets, Bill, Brian and Mark fitting the SB3 box and finishing the wiring following the move of the route switches SB1 & SB2.


14 Sunday

Eric made the signal box at his home June 16th  getting there outside his garage ready for collection.

Mark Brian and Eric posing for the camera.

How it will look just a few more bit to do.

Stuart and John have installed power for lighting and now perhaps something to warm operators over the Santa Specials.

Mark and Brain attacking the floor!

Vandals caught on camera Do you know their names if so,  report them !