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24th Sunday

What's that  question? I recall it,  how many to change the bulb?

The old turntable on the move to a new home. Hopefully only for a bit as it is up for sale.

New track nearly connected up! Only  need to make the set of points. There are on the bench been worked on.

A temporary bit of track in just after the point.


17th Sunday

Dave and his team are getting on well laying new track.

The new turn table in place with track bolted on ready for a test!

We must have got it correct lads.

Lens roller just been painted.


10th April

Plasma cutting some plate for the new lift table.

Good shot Keith scrap bit just falling off.

Peter lifting the grass up to meet the top of the boards.

John driving his engine around the raised track.


6th April

The base to the turn table with roller bearings.

Keith putting the top on the bearing.

The new lift in place heavy that was as well.

We cut the table top sides off.

Bit tight fit but it turns nicely.

Some of the other lads have been busy as well to day.


5th April

29 March photo taken. Original turntable prior to removal

Keith & Chris moving lift from NE corner

Chris's impression of a carthorse!!

New lift awaiting lowering into the excavated turntable pit

Another view of lift prior to lowering into the pit



3rd April

The new lift table ready to be put in as the new turn table.

It's first day on the floor, grass tarmac later!

Dave and his team doing Allan's job !!

Never cut the red cable it may blow up. Mark doing a grand job.

On the tarmac not to good we think.

The hole for the turn table to fit in we hope! But it will go up and down.

Allan sorry Dave getting on well.