Using Chrome I found the slide show would not work myself until I found the setting needed to make it work.

But Chrome has been updated since then

Just follow the screen shots till the end 6 in total.  Close the chrome and reopen the page.

BUT if you are a Windows 10 user this may sort the problem I have not tried this

Mac computer  user try this

Tablet User I know the flash players will not work I have same problem.

However I have found out that they will work if use a app from Google store called

Photon Flash Player Browser 3.7

        Mpeg video       Mp4 video

You need to click the Flash Lighting stick top right corner. This app contains ADDS 

  There show be the slide

   show running on this  Blue screen

Click the three dots to open the drop down

 and then the SETTINGS

With in the next page SETTINGS go to the bottom


Tablet User Read This Chrome User Try this below Then find at bottom this ADVANCE Open it Close Chrome and re open Chrome No Slide show Click the page number