Tig Welder For Sale.

CT 520 Multi Tig/ MMA/Plasma  (LTS UK)


  • This machine comes complete with Tig Flex Neck Torch, Plasma Torch, MMma Torch (Arc Welding Torch) Earth lead, Foot pedal and exta cups for Tig and Plasma.

The foot pedal works as a foot on and off switch due to been a two pin system. I found this to be more conventent in use than the trigger on the torch.

There is NO air drier for plasma cutting, Argon bottle or gas gauges supplied

Model Specification CT-520
Rated input voltage(V) AC230V + 15%
Input capacity(KW) 6
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
No-load loss(W) 40
Rated duty cycle(%) 60
Efficiency(%) 85
Class of insulation B
Case protection degree IP21
Weight(KG) 13
Dimension(cm) 50.5x25x38.5
Input current(A) 21 32 28.6
Rated ourput current(A) 200 200 50
Current range(A) 15-200 15-200 20-50
No-load voltage(V) 62 62 250
Working voltage(V) 18 28 125
Nozzle Φinternal(mm)     Φ1.3
Air pressure(Mpa)     0.4
Gas flow(L/min) 2-5   80
Cut thickness(mm)      1-15
Arc-starting HF vibrate Touch HF vibrate

195-00    Email for further information